Taiwan Legislature President has recently warned China to think twice before invading the island because its missile can strike Beijing.

The Taiwan Legislature President You Si-Kun gave his missile comment in a video speech at Taiwan-US Network. In the speech, the Legislature President You Si-Kun emphasized ‘self-help’ as the most important factor to Taiwan from the Ukrainian-Russian war. 

According to a report back in 2018 from the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a US think tank, the Taiwan army does not have the “Yun Feng” missile with a range of up to 2,000 kilometers or more than 1,200 miles. This is the island’s top cruise missile on hand. And based on the 2018 document, it was still in development

Taiwan-based Liberty Times said the Legislature president’s statement might have indirectly confirmed that the Taiwan military has this 1,200 miles-range cruise missile on hand.

The Legislature president said China has become hegemonic after rising up economically, and it will not give up its aggression against Taiwan. Democracies worldwide should help boost Taiwan’s defense, and at the same time let China know that any war would come with a high price. He said Taiwan must also be prepared by itself, not solely leaning on other nations.

The Legislature president said Taiwan has a defense advantage. That is the Strait separating two sides which in itself poses a natural danger. If China wants to attack Taiwan, it must cross the Taiwan Strait. This is far different from Russia’s attack on Ukraine. He said if the communist army wants to cross the Taiwan Strait, the island will use anti-ship missiles and Hsiung Feng three (Hsiung Feng III) missiles to sink it. And in case the Chinese successfully land on the island, everyone in Taiwan must have the same determination to fight the enemy as the people of Ukraine.

The Legislature president said that when he was the Taiwan Premier, he knew that the Yunfeng missile could hit China’s capital Beijing. ​​At the time he could not talk publicly about it, but now he could, as the missile has been mass-produced.

In 2004, in discussing the necessity of arms purchases, the former Premier once said that deterrence is the most effective way to maintain peace on both sides of the Strait. He said

“You have the ability to destroy me, and I have the ability to destroy you, so it will be balanced, and there will be no war.”

“If Taiwan has enough countermeasures today, you can hit me with 100 missiles, and I will hit you with exactly 100 missiles.”

“If you hit me in Taipei, Kaohsiung, I’ll hit you at least in Shanghai. If we have such countermeasures, Taiwan will be safe.”

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said on Saturday at the Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore that the US has not changed its Taiwan policy and would continue helping Taiwan to boost its self-defense capabilities.

Shu Hsiao-Huang is a research analyst from Institute for National Defense and Security. He said Taiwan is facing “asymmetric” threats from China. For example, UAVs, or uncrewed aerial vehicles, are widely used by China’s military, but rarely seen among Taiwanese forces.

He said the island should thoroughly re-examine its defense plans for a potential cross-strait war. It should make its own asymmetric warfare plans and discuss its needs with the US. He said the current strategies Taiwan and the US have been discussing have not included plans to counter UAVs of China.

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