On September 17, official media outlet People’s Daily of the CCP unexpectedly reported that there had been a flood in an iron ore mine in Tianxi County, Tangshan, Hebei, killing 14 people, 1 person lost contact. This news was immediately on Weibo’s hot searches and netizens were shocked that it turned out that Tangshan officials had covered up the disaster with false reports and kept it a secret for two weeks.

According to Bai Jiahao, on September 17, the Tangshan government issued a notice that an ore mine had flooded on September 2 in Taiping Zhai town, Tianxi district. At that time, the Tianxi District government reported that only two operators were trapped, leading to inappropriate rescue arrangements. As of 11 pm on September 16, emergency rescue work had ended. The investigation concluded that 14 people were killed and 1 lost contact in the accident. The report said that there will be measures taken against the false information.

Netizens were shocked by the fact that Tangshan officials hid the disaster, causing serious consequences. Sound of Hope said that people were horrified that the disaster had been hidden for two weeks. Fourteen lives gone, fourteen broken families.

One netizen wrote, “Tangshan is really skillful! Hiding for half a month without a notice. The accident happened unwillingly, but forcibly concealing information is their specialty!”

Netizens also did not believe the official announcement, “Did only 14 people die? Or is the government using this announcement to cover up something shady behind it?”

Some netizens tried looking for the official announcement when the accident happened two weeks before, but they couldn’t find anything, as nothing had happened at the time.

“I searched for a long time but couldn’t find it on the internet, can you send me a screenshot? Thank you, I’m just curious how the report goes.”

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