On the evening of November 27, hundreds of students and residents gathered at Wangping Square in the busy city center of Chengdu, lighting candles and placing flowers in memory of the victims of the fire in Xinjiang. Later, more and more people gathered, and everyone chanted, “Freedom of the press! Freedom of speech! Long live the people! Long live democracy! Want democracy! Do not want dictatorship! Do not want nucleic acids! Want to eat rice! Want to go to school!”

According to Sound of Hope, many people have awakened, and these slogans have really hit the CCP and scared it. What scares the CCP even more is not just one or two people shouting slogans, but hundreds or thousands of people, not only in Chengdu but many cities across the nation. The CCP feels the crisis of power once again!

A video posted by netizens showed a young man leading the crowd shouting: “Don’t want lockdown, want freedom! Don’t want dictatorship, want democracy! Don’t want autocracy, want freedom!”

On the evening of the 27th, on Binhe Street, Wangping Street, thousands of people gathered, mostly young people, perhaps most of them university students. They chanted in unison the slogans: “Freedom of the press! Freedom of speech!”

On the evening of November 27, at Wangping Street in downtown Chengdu, crowds of protesters chanted, “Long live the people! Long live democracy! Don’t want nucleic acid! Want freedom! Want to eat! Want to go to school! Don’t want lockdown! Boycott cabin! Boycott quarantine! Want to be free! Want to be free! Want to be free!”

Many protesters chanted, “Want freedom of speech, want to remember history, want human rights, anti-dictatorship!” “Don’t want a lifetime term! China doesn’t need an emperor!,” “Want freedom, want democracy! Want people to speak up, don’t want 404! We want citizenship!

On the evening of the November 27, people gathered at Wangping Street in Chengdu, holding white papers and chanting, “Better to die than lose freedom!”

Many people came out from Wangping Street and started marching along the street.

During the march, people chanted, “Want freedom! Want human rights! Lift the lockdown!”

On the evening of November 27, hundreds of thousands of people gathered at Wangping Square in Chengdu, chanting the slogan, “Eliminate nucleic acid testing!” Suddenly, many police burst into the crowd, trying to arrest everyone. People fled, the scene was extremely chaotic. Someone loudly reminded everyone that they must protect each other. A bus full of police officers parked outside the square, the policemen rushing into the crowd may have taken this bus to suppress those present.

Then, at the scene where people gathered on Wangping Street, Chengdu, many people appeared, deliberately causing trouble at the scene, pushing people.

Someone shouted, that the police beat people. There was a plainclothes man trying to arrest a young man. The young man then fought back and escaped.

A video taken by netizens shows dozens of people surrounding a man and beating him in Wangping Street, Chengdu.

Police then formed a human wall and surrounded Wangping Street in Chengdu, while plainclothes people beat and arrested people in the square. People around shouted, Don’t hit them! 

Netizens said that several people were arrested.

At about 10:30 p.m., somewhere in Chengdu, the camera in a car showed a resident being dragged away by several policemen.

At first, many people in Chengdu gathered on Wangping Street, by the Fuhe River, and lit many candles in memory of the victims of the fire in Xinjiang.

After that, more and more people gathered, and everyone used the candlelight vigil to express their condolences and condemn the current strict lockdown.

Along the river, many people gathered, holding flowers to commemorate the victims.

There were a lot of police at the scene, seemingly on duty to suppress the people.

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