Recently, Zhai Shanying, a person from the “third generation reds,” revealed on his personal Youtube channel the scandalous story of former CCP Secretary Jiang Zemin, attracting netizens’ attention and plenty of lively discussion.

Zhai Shanying mentioned in the video that he had two contacts with Jiang Zemin. Once, at a state party in Beijing, he witnessed Jiang Zemin banging the table, cursing waiters for not bringing him a steak. Only after other countries’ leaders came to comfort him did he sit down and continue eating. Another time, at the Xichang satellite launch base, Zhai Shanying witnessed Jiang insisting that he wanted to take pictures in front of a filled fuel missile truck. The employee tried to explain to Jiang that this was not safe but ended up being scolded. 

Insisting on taking pictures with the missile truck

At the time of the incident, Zhai Shanying was working as a secretary for a top official of China’s Ministry of Aviation and Space. That day, Jiang was at a working session with the Ministry of Aviation and Space on “Project 921” (the manned space plane project). At the Xichang satellite launch base, Jiang Zemin, then the leader of the CCP, insisted on having his picture taken in front of a fuel-filled missile truck.

The missile truck was equipped with an intercontinental nuclear warhead, and the rocket loaded with fuel was extremely dangerous, so according to regulations, no one was allowed to get close. According to Zhai Shanying, if Jiang Zemin stood in front of the missile truck for a photo opportunity and the rocket exploded, killing him, would not that be a big joke to the world?

“However, Jiang Zemin at that time was very hot-tempered, shouted loudly, scolded everyone, and was determined to have photos taken. As a result, everyone was afraid and agreed with Jiang. The elderly minister standing next to me was so scared that his limbs were shaking,” said Zhai.

Angry Jiang at a state party in Beijing

The second conflict was after the successful launch of the “Shenzhou-1” spacecraft, and the relevant staff of the aerospace ministry attended a state party at the Great Hall of the People. Mr. Zhai Shanying said: “Suddenly we saw Jiang Zemin getting angry, standing up screaming and banging the table. Everyone was stunned as to what had happened. After that, other countries’ leaders came to comfort him, then Jiang sat down and continued to eat.”

Zhai Shanying later discovered that Jiang Zemin’s nutritionist planned the menu for him. So while the others were enjoying the steak, he was served vegetables. Seeing the food being served, Jiang was furious, banging the table and cursing loudly at the high-class reception.

Jiang Zemin’s “bad reputation flies far”

Jiang Zemin was criticized many times during his time in power. In 2009, Lu Jiaping, a member of the China Association for the Study of World War II History, wrote an open letter titled “Requesting an investigation into ‘two betrayals and two lies’ and political fraud of Jiang Zemin.”

Lu stated in, the open letter that Jiang Zemin himself and his biological father were both wicked Hans, traitors, puppets of Japan—this is the first evil. At the same time, Jiang was also a Soviet spy, served in the KGB, and sold a large part of China’s territory to the Soviet Union—this is the second evil.

Mr. Lu also wrote an article that provided further evidence of Jiang’s fake CCP membership.

According to the book “Truth about Jiang Zemin” (真实的江泽民), those who have worked with Jiang Zemin have noticed several bad character flaws in Jiang, which are: 1. Greed; 2. Incompetence; 3. Envy; 4. Insanity; 5. Cowardice.

At the end of June 1996, Jiang Zemin visited Spain. King Carlos of Spain invited him to watch the armed forces’ honor guard parade. To the surprise of King Carlos, Jiang Zemin suddenly took out a comb and combed his hair in front of him. In the evening, during the reception, Jiang Zemin sat to the queen’s right and combed his hair in front of the cameras again. On June 25, Spain’s most prominent newspaper El País and many other newspapers published a news photo with the headline “King Carlos watching Jiang Zemin comb his hair.” Many newspapers around the world soon reprinted this news.

According to the Epoch Times, Jiang combing his hair in front of television cameras has been recorded many times. Among them, he gave his hair a comb in March 1993, at the National People’s Congress of the CCP, and on October 24, 1995, in his “confidentiality of the century” speech before the United Nations.

On October 24, 1999, while Jiang Zemin was visiting a museum in France, in his excitement, right in front of French President Jacques Chirac, Jiang held Chirac’s wife Bernadette’s hand and danced the waltz. At Mr. Chirac’s stunned expression, Jiang Zemin not only showed a lack of concern but also held Mrs. Chinac’s hand and smiled amusedly. This incident caused Mr. Chirac to become annoyed.

On April 19, 2000, when Jiang visited Turkey, Turkish President Demirel awarded him a medal. As usual at the ceremony, the host would personally present the medal. However, Jiang suddenly grabbed the medal and put it on himself, leaving the guests and the host speechless.

On February 21, 2002, Jiang Zemin held a banquet at the Great Hall of the People to welcome U.S. President George W. Bush. Jiang suddenly sang the song “My Sun” in front of over 100 guests present. During the party, Jiang also danced with Laura Bush, the first lady of the United States, then with Ms. Rice, the U.S. National Security Advisor, and Mrs. Sarah, the wife of the U.S. ambassador in Beijing.

In 2002, during a trip to Iceland, while halfway through a meal at a national party event, Jiang suddenly stood up and sang a song, surprising the guests and the host. Jiang’s wife, Wang Yeping, appeared very embarrassed then, and Iceland’s largest daily newspaper splashed the entire scene in large color photographs.

Persecution of Falun Gong

In July 1999, a brutal campaign was instigated by Jiang Zemin, targeting the 100 million people practicing Falun Gong as well as their relatives, friends and coworkers. In a draconian crackdown not seen since the Cultural Revolution, book burnings, mass-arrests and imprisonment, torture and forced reeducation was unleashed across China. Virtually everyone in China was either targeted or forced to be complicit, as reported by

Falun Gong had become the most popular qigong practice in Chinese history after only seven years. By 1998, more Chinese people were practicing Falun Gong than there were members of the communist party, and this caused Jiang to become insanely jealous.

According to the Washington Post, “The crackdown [against Falun Gong] was undertaken to demonstrate and solidify the power of the Chinese leadership … Communist Party sources said that the standing committee of the Politburo did not unanimously endorse the crackdown and that President Jiang Zemin alone decided that Falun Gong must be eliminated.”Citing a Party official, the same story noted that, “This obviously is very personal for Jiang.”

The persecution started by Jiang Zemin has continued to this day.

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