In an interview with NTD News on Wednesday, April 13, Colonel Mills said, “But I’m also concerned about this again. This is a component of a worldwide struggle. Chinese Communist Party, Putin wants to replace America. And they either do it peacefully or otherwise.”

Former U.S. Army Colonel John Mills is the former director of cybersecurity policy, strategy, and international affairs at the Department of Defense and a senior fellow at the Center for Security Policy.

Colonel John Mills said that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was part of a joint anti-American plan between China and Russia.

He said, “What’s going on in Ukraine is a sideshow, and a component of a worldwide agreement by China and Russia to topple the U.S. and topple the U.S. dollar.”

Taiwan is a critical node in the U.S.’s containment of China’s “first island chain.” Colonel Mills believes that China hopes to use the first island chain as a starting point to expand its military force to the second island chain.

In the interview, Colonel Mills said that for the U.S. to confront the China-Russian alliance effectively, there are two critical actions that the U.S. needs to implement urgently. The first thing is to loosen traditional energy sources, allowing more crude oil and natural gas to enter the market. The second one is to enrich the nuclear arsenal.

The Colonel said that Russia and China had been lying that they had destroyed their stockpiles of the nuclear arsenal. He said that the U.S.’s nuclear stockpile is weak, and the U.S. needs to start accelerating the nuclear program, and if the U.S. could conduct the program step by step, China and Russia could not escalate the situation.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in an interview with CNN on April 15 that all countries worldwide should prepare for the possibility of Russia using tactical nuclear weapons against Ukraine.

The Colonel further added that unleashing energy is a part of the bigger picture.

Although the U.S. has banned Russian energy imports, the European Union cannot fully apply this policy due to its dependence on Russian energy. In an interview with the BBC, Ukrainian President Zelensky accused Germany and Hungary of thwarting an energy embargo against Russia.

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