U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan has put the CCP to shame. Reuters revealed that the U.S. informed Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi in early July that Pelosi was planning to visit Taiwan. However, scholars’ analysis shows that the CCP misjudged the issue.

On August 3, Reuters quoted a senior U.S. official saying that U.S. Secretary of State Blinken discussed the possibility of Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan with his counterpart Wang Yi at the G20 meeting in Bali in July. However, Blinken made it clear that such a trip is entirely the decision of Pelosi, not the U.S. government.

The G20 Foreign Ministers Meeting was held in Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia, on July 7 and 8.

Some scholars have analyzed that the CCP may have misjudged the issue by making threats against the United States earlier. Despite the dangers, Pelosi still visited Taiwan, causing the CCP to lose face.

Professor Shen Rongqin at York University in Canada told the Epoch Times about the reason for the misjudgment, saying that CCP officials only understand the division of power in the United States on the surface, but they don’t believe it.

After the media revealed information about Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, U.S. President Joe Biden once said that the U.S. military did not think this was the right time to go to Taiwan.

Professor Rongqin said that officials in Beijing have all developed under the CCP’s single system of relative power, so it’s hard for them to believe that the U.S. President can’t stop the actions of those called “junior officers.” 

In fact, at first, Biden also had a vague intention to stop Pelosi. But after Pelosi decided, the whole of America united as this is about the face of America and a symbol of America’s commitment to the world’s democratic system.

According to the Epoch Times, news commentator Li Linyi also believes that the CCP trusts Biden because he and Pelosi belong to the same political party. However, the U.S. government cannot interfere in the legislature’s work. If Biden strongly opposed it, Pelosi may have reconsidered.

According to Li Linyi, the CCP’s statements threatening the United States point the finger at Biden, saying he has not done enough. But in doing so, the CCP pushed Biden into a corner, implying that  Biden has ties to the CCP. Therefore, Biden was forced to be tougher on the CCP.

The Epoch Times also quoted Australia-based China expert Yuan Hongbing as saying that, in the CCP’s eyes, Biden is a weak politician at a critical juncture. The CCP wants Biden to prevent Pelosi from visiting Taiwan by applying strong political pressure and deterrence. But it clearly lacks a basic understanding of the general will of American society today.

Yuan Hongbing said American society has now recognized that the CCP is the most important threat to human freedom and democracy in the 21st century. Biden also did not dare to go against the will of the society because publicly opposing Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan would equate to political suicide.

Pelosi and Biden are both Democrats. Some commentators also believe that in the run-up to the U.S. midterm elections, Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan shows her support for Taiwan and will be helpful for the Democratic Party’s campaign.

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