After the CCP’s 20th National Congress, pandemics continued to break out everywhere, in addition to Zhengzhou, Henan province, Wuhan, Hubei province also detected 100 local cases for two consecutive days. Jiang’an County has been locked down for five consecutive days since November 1. It is reported that a large number of locals fled during the night, and country roads were packed. Faced with the inadequacies caused by the pandemic, a medical professor called on Chinese officials to take care of people’s health.

According to The Paper, so-called “static management” means stopping all nonessential public activities, and reducing human traffic during restricted times. In addition, residents in these areas are not allowed to leave their homes, except for PCR testing.

According to the Hubei Provincial Health and Construction Commission, on November 1, Wuhan added 48 new cases. Some offices in Jiang’an district issued notices on October 31, referring to static management for 5 days, requiring everyone to prepare enough necessities and not leave the house. Hospitals, pharmacies, supermarkets and other designated operation areas could continue to operate, all other places must be closed.

Panic waves of shopping and fleeing at night

After the news broke, a woman who owns a mobile phone store in Jiang’an County immediately stopped direct sales and quickly packed nearly 1 million yuan worth of goods (about $137,000) and went to neighboring Wuchang District.

A video posted by a Twitter account named Alex on November 1 shows a large number of people “fleeing the pandemic” by driving out of the locked down areas, leading to widespread traffic jams. Some photos on the internet show that, at night, roads were crowded with long lines of cars end to end.

While people in Jiang’an District were “fleeing the pandemic,” governments in other regions also issued emergency notices, asking residents not to accept relatives and friends who have fled from Jiang’an, and if they discover someone not from their community, people should report them promptly.

In addition to fleeing at night, panic shopping for essentials recurred. A large number of locals were worried that the static management could soon lead to a future city lockdown. Therefore, upon hearing the news, they flocked to large supermarkets in Jiang’an to shop for necessities.

A Twitter account called Fantastic Four posted a video showing that a large number of people were shopping late at night to buy necessities. The account added that Wuhan’s Jiang’an District is about to be closed. After the CCP’s 20th National Congress, the lockdown period will be longer and people should always stock up on necessities.

In the video, there are two people who have fallen one lying motionless, and the person recording says that because people are fighting to buy vegetables these two people are still lying on the ground.”

One netizen said, “The government lockdown and control is more poisonous than poison itself: two years ago people were afraid of being infected while working together, two years later they were afraid of being locked down and in control, I panicked; the things I fear have changed.”

The CCP’s strict quarantine policy has led to many humanitarian disasters

A citizen from Huangpi District, Wuhan city, by the name of Ye, lamented that this is the saddest year. All commercial activities in the locked down areas have to stop, except for some supermarkets. She hadn’t walked around the city for two months, and was afraid of being dragged into quarantine.

She said that children in her county have been locked at home since the summer vacation and still have not been able to go to school. As a result, many parents have had to quit their jobs. Since August 26 there are no buses or subways operating.

She said that the strangest thing was, even though they couldn’t go to school, they had to take PCR tests every day and report to their teachers.

Twitter user Jie Lijian posted information that a female student from Yucheng High School in Shangqiu, Henan Province was locked in her school’s dormitory, cried for help, had a fever of 40℃ (104ºF) but no one could help because the dormitory door was locked. Her mother called the school board to ask for help, but was avoided. The account added, “This is an army of looters from all over the country, in order to show their loyalty to the emperor who graduated from elementary school, they always find a way to kill and harm the people.”

On November 1, the death of a 3-year-old child in Lanzhou due to lockdown became a trending topic on the Chinese internet. The child’s parents and community residents asked authorities for an explanation, but they were suppressed by a large number of special forces police, which is shown in a video posted by the Twitter account named Love on November 2.

The local government also threatened the child’s parents, telling them to admit that their child died of gas poisoning or they would not be able to bury him. To block the news, authorities have now cut off the network in the area where the incident occurred.

Medical professor urged Chinese officials to take better care of people

Jonathan Liu, a professor of traditional Chinese medicine at Canadian Public College, said that officials across China are engaging in political pandemic prevention without respecting science, “I think this kind of extreme pandemic prevention should be stopped. We advise these senior officials to really care about the health of the Chinese people. If you still have a little conscience and thinking, you should take care of the Chinese people, and stop trampling on them.”

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