The Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s Zero-Covid policy continues to cause tragedies, this time in Xinjiang.

As of September 15th, Ili city in Northern Xinjiang has been under lockdown for 40 days.

NTDTV reported that many people in Ili who were starved of food by the authorities broke down the doors that fenced in their houses to go out to find food. However, they were all arrested. The number of people detained has now reached 617, mostly teenagers.

Wu, a teacher in Ili, on September 14th, said that his life situation is worse than what is shared on the internet.

He said the CCP media propaganda that says it saves people from one thing or another is fake. The community where he lives does not receive free help from the regime.

He added that his family has been out of food since early September. He called the head of his agency to ask for help, but the leader said that the agency’s situation was even more difficult. He also called all the people and agencies responsible for the people to ask for help, but to no avail.

Wu further revealed that after the parent meeting, the teacher asked the parents not to share anything about the anti-epidemic situation in Ili with the outside world on the internet.

A doctor named Wang in Ili said that many medical workers in the city were infected with COVID, but authorities deliberately concealed the truth, making the situation worse.

Wang also shared that he is infected with COVID and isolated at home, but he is not receiving any help and is also dealing with a food shortage.

Wang said that he was so frustrated with the regime’s negligence that he decided to resign.

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