The China Central Meteorological Observatory at 6 pm on November 2 continued to issue a yellow alert about the risk of drought. Drought in the middle and lower Yangtze river will continue into November. On November 5, the cities of Jinhua and Yueqing in Zhejiang Province issued emergency warnings about the drought. The water supply in Yueqing can only be guaranteed for 55 days, and it is less than 70 days for Jinhua.

The water supply in Yueqing City is interrupted

Yueqing on November 5 continued to issue a yellow drought warning, and the city’s drought index remains at a moderate to serious level. According to a report by China News Weekly on November 6, the water level of the Nanxi River, which supplies water to Yueqing, dropped too quickly, so the water supply for Yueqing was cut off in September of this year.

According to statistics from Yueqing city’s irrigation department, as of October 13, the city’s water supply would only last for about 55 days.

Irrigation experts said that the dry season starts in November. It takes 3 or 4 months of “effective rainfall,” prior to the dry season to fill the reservoirs. But because of the drought the reservoirs in Yueqing have almost no water stored.

Local people said that when they visited the reservoir in early October, they found that it was unlike before. It was dry around the lake; rocks and silt on the bottom were exposed; the bottom of the lake cracked and dry in places.

Jinhua City can only supply water for less than 70 days

The city of Jinhua in central Zhejiang has recently experienced water shortages, with the latest news showing that the city can only supply water for less than 70 days. Jinhua Daily on November 5 reported that Jinhua had issued a yellow drought warning and raised the emergency response level for drought to level 3. According to the forecast of the Meteorological Department, the drought in Jinhua will continue. The drought control and water supply situation in the inner city is very severe.

According to Wang Rongming, deputy secretary of the Jinhua Emergency Management Department, since “the end of the plum rainy season” (Chumei) on June 26, the average rainfall in Jinhua City has been 60% and 70% lower year-on-year, the lowest on record since 1954.

Wang said that the urban water supply situation is quite severe. Three reservoirs, including Shafan reservoir, which supply water to the urban area, can supply water for less than 70 days, and the town of Wuyi can supply water for about 100 days.

Severe drought, intensifying artificial rain

Wenzhou, Zhejiang this year suffered a drought, and the production and the lives of local residents were also seriously affected. Since October 31, Wenzhou city has been implementing large-scale artificial rainfall operations to alleviate the drought.

According to the Zhejiang Bureau of Meteorology, from October 31 to November 1, Zhejiang province launched the largest and most extensive man-made rain-making operation in many years. Under the combined effect of artificial rainfall and natural rainfall, the drought situation in Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province temporarily improved, with an average rainfall of 8.7 mm, but the drought situation in other areas is still serious.

As of 3 p.m. on November 3, 158 artificial rain-making rockets were launched causing moderate rainfall across Wenzhou city.

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