On the journey of life, a person may lose some material interest when he deals honestly with others; but what he gains could be more than he ever could have imagined. The following story is the proof for that.

On a Friday night, a poor young artist was standing near a subway station entrance, as usual, putting his full concentration on playing the violin. The music was beautiful, melodious, and touching. Although people were hustling back home for the weekend, many still couldn’t help slowing down as they passed by. Time after time, some put a few coins in the young artist’s hat on the ground.

The next night, the young artist appeared in front of the subway station entrance as usual. He took off his hat and placed it on the ground. What was different tonight was that he took out a newspaper from his bag and also carefully put it down. He had brought a few small stones and put them on the newspaper. After setting up, he started to play his violin. The music sounded even more touching and melodious than ever.

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Soon, a crowd had gathered around the young violinist. People were attracted by the big type of newspaper on the ground. Some people even tiptoed to see it. The words in the newspaper read: “Yesterday, a gentleman named George Sung misplaced an important thing in my hat. Please come back and get it.”

Everyone was curious about what the object was. Some people even waited around looking to get something. After half an hour, a middle-aged man was hastily running toward the young artist. He was frantic. He patted the artist’s shoulder and said: “Oh my God, that’s you! You really came back. I know you are a sincere person and you would definitely come back.”

The young violinist calmly asked, “Are you, Mr. George Sung?” Mr. Sung nodded very quickly. The violinist continued, “What did you forget? “The gentleman replied, “My winning lottery ticket, my winning lottery ticket.” The young artist took the lottery ticket out of his pocket. The name “George Sung” was written on the ticket. The young artist held the lottery ticket up and asked: “Is it yours?” George Sung nodded frantically, then snatched the ticket and kissed it. Then he hugged the violinist tightly, lifted him up, and spun him around twice.

So this is how it happened. George Sung is an employee at a company. A few days before, he had bought a lottery ticket from a bank. At noon the previous day, the bank announced the winner. His ticket won half a million dollars! After coming home from work, he was in high spirits and stopped to enjoy the music the violinist was playing. Fascinated by it, he took a $50 bill from his wallet and put it in the violinist’s hat. But he carelessly gave the winning lottery ticket together with the money. And the young violinist, a student at an art college had planned to go to Vienna for postgraduate studies. His flight was to depart that morning. But when he was checking his luggage the night before, he found the $500,000 winning lottery ticket. Thinking that the person who lost it would come back to find it, he canceled the early flight in time to return the ticket to its owner.

Later, someone asked the young violinist, “You need money to go to school.” To earn money for that, you go to the subway station every day to play the violin. Why didn’t you keep the ticket for $500,000 prize?” The artist replied, “Even without a lot of money, I still live happily. If I lose my honesty and stop being forthright, I will not be happy, not even for a single day.”

If honesty and forthrightness disappear from the human world, how can people be happy? Currently, social morality is sliding down every day. Many no longer uphold morality to restrain themselves, and odd social phenomena are emerging. It is just because trust between people is disappearing. Only with mutual trust, will everyone be filled with happiness!

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