The Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) extreme pandemic prevention and control work make things like “pop-up notifications” a constant annoyance in people’s lives. To counter that, a “health-code-index” app recently appeared on the famous overseas hosting service platform “GitHub.” It can imitate the health code simulator of different provinces in China, avoid the inspection of pandemic prevention officers with fake health codes and fake journeys on mobile phones. However, the app was noticed and banned immediately.

Recently, the pandemic has continued to spread throughout China. To strictly control the virus, the CCP has launched many health code apps to control the movement of people. However, if the “pop-up notification” does not disappear, people will not be able to go in and out of public places.

The so-called “pop-up notification” is the use of big data by officials. It relies on mobile phone base stations located in various places and people scanning codes when entering public places to get the location of each mobile phone user to prevent the pandemic. When it is discovered that the mobile phone user’s location has a “time and place intersection” with an infected person, a “pop-up notification” will appear on the mobile phone, asking the user to notify the local neighborhood village and quarantine at home immediately. If you are outside the province, you can only stay in place and wait for the “pop-up notification” to disappear before you can go home.

Before that, many complained that they were “not afraid of the virus, just afraid of the pop-up notification.”

In the face of the chaos in China’s pandemic prevention and control, recently, an app called “health-code-index” appeared on the famous overseas hosting service app platform “GitHub.” According to “ilovexjp,” the creator of the “health-code-index,” the app is to “fight against the extreme pandemic prevention and scientific violation, against bureaucracy and formalism, and against totalitarianism and tyranny.”

It also has a channel on Telegram with over 18,000 followers. On the app’s manual page, Beijing’s “Sitong Bridge warrior” protest slogan is quoted: “No PCR tests, we want food. No restrictions. We want freedom. No lies. We want dignity—no Cultural Revolution. We want reform. No leaders; we want votes. No being slaves, we want to be citizens.”

According to the report, the app has expanded from the original journey card simulation function to multi-province health code simulation.

The use of this simulation app is straightforward. First, users must open the app and fill in their personal information, identification number, location information, phone number, and journey information.

However, the app also caused some controversy. Some netizens issued a “warning about the legal risks of this app.” Some netizens reminded that there are significant personal safety risks when developing such apps in China. For example, in January 2021, the man developing the “health code display” app was arrested by Hangzhou police. On the other hand, many people expressed support and hope that Gansu, Hebei, Chongqing and other places where pandemic prevention and control chaos often occur can use “health-code-index” as soon as possible. 

As the related news continued to stir, “health-code-index” was unexpectedly banned on the GitHub platform on November 16, and the creator’s “ilovexjp” account was also blocked. The reason the officials gave was “a violation of the terms of service,” and they also temporarily did not respond to related questions.

Some netizens speculated that this was because CCP officials reported heavily or that GitHub, acquired by Microsoft in 2018, was under pressure.
However, netizens on Twitter joked about this issue, saying, “if one ilovexjp falls, there are still tens of thousands of ilovexjp standing up!”

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