Sources from the Chinese online community show that on the evening of December 4, many students from Wuhan University, Hubei province, protested on campus. About 2,000 students holding umbrellas gathered to protest, chanting the slogan: “Transparent information, open process!”.

The source said earlier when dozens of universities across China protested against “zero-COVID.” However, Wuhan University was not represented. However, the school still blocked students on campus without a break, and the hot water supply was cut off, causing the students to get cold, so they gathered to protest.

According to a screenshot of a conversation revealed online by a student of Wuhan University, the pandemic situation in Wuhan is still dire. Every day there are hundreds of new cases. At Wuhan University, there are also new infections. Under the new conditions, other universities in Wuhan have announced they are sending students home. Still, Wuhan University does not arrange for students to go home and wants to restore offline teaching.

Students denounce: They have repeatedly complained to the party office, the local CCP authorities, the school administration, and the student institute, but the staff has pushed the responsibility to each other. It took a long time to get a definite answer, but the epidemic has seriously disrupted students’ lives. It includes disrupted shopping and insufficient hot water in some dormitories. In addition, students have suffered mentally under the double pressure of the pandemic and their studies. However, the school ignored the student’s request and did not listen to the student’s petition.

According to Aboluowang, some students left messages on Weibo: “Students do not have to force the school to let them return home, but all shops on campus are closed except for the campus canteen. The courier has stopped working, and many students do not have warm clothes. The administration is pushing the responsibility on each other, and there is no positive response. There is a rumor that there is a positive case in the school but no official notification, students can stay at school, but they can’t be treated like this.”

A worried student said: “Students in Wuhan area are very worried about arranging to go back to school, because tickets to their hometown are increasingly difficult to buy. The most important thing is that people are afraid that they will not be able to return soon. They are afraid of changes, and afraid of having to stay at school to celebrate the Lunar New Year.”

In addition, Wuhan Vocational College and Technical Academy students also went online to condemn the school because other schools had sent students back to their hometowns. Still, because this school had to investigate positive cases, the school closed a building and held offline classes as usual.

On December 5, a netizen named “Gao falin” posted a video showing many students holding umbrellas and shouting: “Transparent information, open process!” Another video shows a group announcing before the rally that they gathered in front of the administration building at 5:30. People were not carrying white papers, and no political slogans were shouted. “Our slogan is: Meet the requirements, voluntarily return to hometowns. Transparent information, open process.”

On December 4, “Teacher Li is not your teacher” (@whyyoutouzhele) tweeted that the cause of the incident at Wuhan University was that other universities in Hubei had arranged for students to return to their hometowns. However, the management of Wuhan University did not take any action and still did not remove the blockade and daily nucleic acid testing.

This account said there were about 2,000 students gathered at the scene. At this time, the school repeatedly tried to get one or two “representative” students to negotiate, but “the students objected this request.” The students gathered at the scene were “resolutely demanding that there be no division and collective bargaining” and asked the school to issue a document at the scene.

The Twitter account “Teacher Li is not your teacher” pointed out that the school’s security guards did not come to the scene nor call the security forces in Wuhan to deal with it, “but the students trust in the school is very low.” The students have repeatedly refused to negotiate with the local leadership to move into the teaching building or the sports hall.

@whyyoutouzhele is the most active reporter of the “White Paper Movement” against “Zero-COVID” in China, added that the final solution to the incident at Wuhan University is as follows:

“(1) Voluntarily returning to your hometown, voluntarily choosing the test method and studying, all exam dates will be decided before the date 6/12;

(2) For online classes, students do not need to concentrate in class to listen to live lectures;

(3) For international students, facilities will gradually be opened on campus;

(4) No student will be held responsible.

After the school posted this notice on its website, the students gradually left the protest scene.”

On November 27, thousands of Wuhan residents spontaneously took to the streets to protest the communist party’s “Zero-COVID” policy against the pandemic. A video online shows that in the most prosperous street of Hanzheng in Wuhan, many people are protesting, while the police have arrived at the scene to disperse the crowd. In the process, the police brutally beat people. At that time, Wuhan erupted with large-scale protests. The “White Paper Movement” also broke out in other places such as Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, etc.

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