An Indiana child attracted widespread praise after she phoned the emergency number and saved her father’s life.

Savannah surprised 911 hotline staff by reporting her dad’s heart attack and requesting urgent help.

A recording of the conversation reveals the 5 year-old remained surprisingly calm, cute and even funny despite the perilous situation.

Savannah can be heard telling operator Jason Bonham that her “dad can hardly breathe” and needs medical attention “real fast.” She carefully followed Bohham’s instructions to unlock the front door to let emergency workers inside.

She also obtained vital medical history information from her father and passed this onto the operator.

The child calmly comforted her parent, saying “Don’t worry, Dad” according to Parenting Isn’t Easy. She then informed Bonham that she was unsuitably dressed for hospital and knew the importance of “wearing smartly.”

“We are in our jammies and I am in a tank top, so … I will have to get dressed,” she said. “I do not know what I am gonna wear but … you cannot be seen in your jammies, right?”

Savannah then introduced her “small” dog named Lou to the operator.

“Lou, come on! The ambulance is on the way–come on, Lou Lou! Come here!” she said.

The father survived thanks to Savannah’s quick thinking, and the recording has since gone viral on the internet.

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