Many adults will agree that middle school is probably the hardest time to grow up. However, none of that has anything to do with academia.

In the spring, the literature teacher at Queen Creek High School in Queen Creek, Arizona, commissioned student Olivia Vella to write a year-end poem and recited it in class.

Instead of choosing an “easy topic,” Olivia decided to do the opposite. Through the course of six minutes, Olivia delivered her poem that made her teacher and her classmates spend a day in her situation. She described the myriad pressures of simply getting ready for school-like choosing a trendy outfit, just to not become a “joke”.

“Every part of your outfit is uncomfortable, but even though you spend hours trying to look pretty, you will never be as good as those other girls at school,” Olivia recited.

Olivia’s words are not only full of emotion, but her conveyance is as well. In those few minutes, it gives everybody a big picture of the world of many teenagers.

Olivia bravely poured her heart out to her classmates in her poem that questions, “Why am I not good enough?” She spoke of what it’s like being at school and dealing with judgment, criticism, and envy. She also spoke about her plummeting self-esteem, negative thoughts and described a racing mind.

This seventh grader’s poem was posted on the internet, and the video of Olivia’s poem performance rapidly went viral, touching hearts all around the world.

Olivia’s writing teacher, Brett Cornelius, told ABC News that the other students were “in awe.”

“She has caused a worldwide rippling effect, and I’m so proud of her,” Cornelius said. “I’m glad to call her my captain and hero because she’s steering this ship of self-love.”

Olivia stated to ABC News: “The response to the video demonstrates that I am not alone. We aren’t alone in our feelings.”

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