Fortunately for one family, a frightening situation came to an end in the greatest possible way. An Alzheimer-suffering family member is an endless source of anxiety.

Thanks to a kind delivery guy, an exterior security camera, and an ID bracelet, a potentially fatal incident ended happily for one family.

A Ring camera caught Gigi, 92, as she walked down the street in Franklin Park, NJ, away from her front porch. Karen, the elderly woman’s granddaughter, was picking up a prescription for her mother at the time of the incident.

It was late by the time Wilmar, an Amazon delivery truck driver, came to Gigi’s aid. Wilmar was then able to reach Karen since Gigi was wearing a medical bracelet.

Wilmar spoke to the Ring and said, “I was delivering, and I saw this older lady was walking by. She waved at me, which isn’t an odd occurrence; people wave at you all the time as an Amazon driver. But she was waving at me as something happened. I noticed how she had this wristband on. And it had her name and her information, as well as who to contact.”

When Wilmar dropped Karen off at her house, Karen turned on her Ring camera to make sure Gigi was okay. When it turns out, Wilmer was recorded on camera as he dropped the older woman off and opened the door at her house. When Karen learned that her mom was no longer in danger, she felt relieved.

“I was able to flip on my Ring camera and watch them come into the driveway… It gave us that extra layer of comfort and relief that we could see everything, that she was safe, she was where she needed to be,” in response to Ring.

Without the Amazon driver’s help, Gigi’s daughter knew that the day would have ended in a very different way.

As soon as the man learned Gigi was okay, he made an effort to bring her home.

Karen felt that Wilmar went above and beyond; if a driver spots something that’s out of the ordinary, they’ll tell their coworkers, Wilmar stated: “I’m going to make sure that my customers are taken care of because this doesn’t look right… “

Wilmar contacted Karen to tell her that he had brought Gigi home. From her Ring camera, she could see the entire rescue. Footage captured by Gigi’s camera shows Wilmar holding the door open for her. Gigi was fortunate to have met this incredible person.

This illustrates the importance of delivery workers in our society by making the neighborhood secure. It is vital for the community to care for one another. If something unexpected occurs, make a note of it and alert the authorities. You want to ensure that your neighbors are secure and that everyone is content. As long as we’re all contributing, it helps everyone.

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