Curtis Going, a bus driver for the Nebo School District, has been hailed a hero after saving the life of a female student.

A student had stepped off his bus, and the driver of a silver vehicle ignored the red lights and stop signs extending from the bus.

“She’s getting ready to cross the road and I look over in my mirror and I see this car coming up pretty quick and I realize he’s not stopping,” he recalled.

Going thrust his arms out the driver’s side window and honked the horn. Thankfully, the honk caused the girl to jump backward, and the car missed her by mere inches.

“It was a close call. Maybe too close,” Going noted.

The automobile swerved but continued on its way down the road.

“Everything turned out OK,” Going said, expressing his relief that the girl was not wounded.

The next day, people in the Elk Ridge neighborhood near the bus stop gave Going a big thank you.

“I put it on our community page, and we had 30-40 people out here with a great big sign, ‘you’re our hero,'” the child’s mother, Allison Dawn, said. “He saved my daughter’s life.”

Going is concerned that these near misses happen too frequently.

“Just get rid of the distractions and pay attention to your driving,” he said. “It’s an everyday occurrence. This is not just once a week or once a month, this is every single day.”

Going loves his job. That’s why, for the past six years, he hasn’t been bothered by the early morning wake-up calls.

“It was supposed to be a temp job for me,” said Going with a laugh.

He loves getting to know the kids and hearing all the fun things they have to say, reported Ksl.

“The kids are amazing. They really are. They’re a lot smarter thank you think,” he said. “But yet they tell some funny stories that come from home whether it’s embarrassing or not.”

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