Brad Rich and his buddies were boating off the coast of Seward, Alaska when they noticed something strange in the distance. Massive creatures began popping in and out of the water. What could they be? The group carefully approached the scene and surveyed the sea. With this many seagulls overhead, the only logical thing lurking in the water was a humpback whale. Sure enough, Brad was able to capture some footage of not one, but several humpback whales in a feeding frenzy. Now his clip has been viewed over 14 million times – and once you check it out for yourself, you’ll get why!


With the camera rolling, Brad caught the seagulls trailing after the pod. The opportunistic birds wanted leftover food scraps from the pod’s big lunch! Fascinated, the group of men watched as the whales chased up their food from the depths of the sea and trapped them in the circle made up of their bodies. Whale after whale came to the surface – some even flapped their fins against the water as if to say hello to the boaters. The men knew how lucky they were to see such an incredible act of nature happen right before their eyes. This was something they would see in a BBC documentary, not something that unfolds feet in front of them!


Just as Brad thought the moment couldn’t get more exciting, the unthinkable happens… Take a peek at the video to see the real-life whale feeding frenzy in action. Brad does cuss with excitement as a whale breaches right next to him – so please consider that if children are present! Though, most all of us would all have a similar reaction if a 66,000-pound creature surfaced a few inches from our tiny (in comparison) boat!

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