Over 100 countries support the CCP? The tweet of the Chinese ambassador caused public outrage

Liu Xiaoming, the Chinese government’s special representative for Korean Peninsula affairs and a former Chinese ambassador to the United Kingdom, North Korea, and Egypt, tweeted on Aug. 5: “Over 100 countries in the world for the first time spoke out fairly, emphasizing that it is necessary to adhere to the one-China principle,” but then many netizens questioned: “Which 100 countries?”

On the evening of Aug. 2, right after U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi landed in Taiwan, Xinhua – the official newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party issued an authorized notice saying that the Chinese military would launch military exercises from noon on Aug. 4 to noon on Aug. 7. “Important military exercises and live-fire drills have been conducted in several seas and airspaces.”

According to VOA‘s report, on Aug. 3, the U.S. secretary of state and other G-7 countries and the high representative for foreign affairs and security policy of the European Union (EU) jointly issued a statement saying that they are deeply concerned about China’s announced military exercises and economic coercion against Taiwan, and urged China not to use force to unilaterally change the status quo in the region, but to resolve cross-strait divisions through peaceful means.

However, on Aug. 5, Liu posted on his Twitter account, saying, “Over 100 countries around the world have spoken out for the first time fairly, emphasizing that it should adhere to the one-China principle and support China in safeguarding its sovereignty and territory. If the G7 members really cared about peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait, they should have dissuaded the US from taking irresponsible, reckless, and provocative actions against China earlier.”

Liu’s comment sparked criticism and questions from netizens, Vision Times cited some of the comments as follows:

“Your mouth is full of hoaxes, which 100 countries?”,
“Over a hundred countries, you really have the guts to make up lies, a ruffian is always a ruffian, speaking without shame”,
“Once you open your mouth, please list ‘100+ countries’ one by one; Please specify if it ‘including but not limited to’ Russia, North Korea, Afghanistan, Iran, Serbia?’, “Where are 100 countries? Divide China into a hundred countries and make a statement together?”,
“Can you give a list of countries?”,
“Where have over a hundred countries spoken fairly? Give me a link”.

One netizen said, “Mr. Liu mentioned more than 100 countries, but that’s still a modest calculation, it’s actually 250 countries!” He added, “The official spokesman needs to be careful in his speech, don’t follow Hu Xijin (former editor-in-chief of Global Times), otherwise, everyone, please continue to watch the joke!”

According to The Epoch Times, Liu is not only called a “wolf warrior” like Hua Chunying and Zhao Lijian, but also known as a “stocking” ambassador.

According to a report by Liberty Times published on Dec. 27, 2020, ambassador to the UK was discovered by netizens to press the like button on an erotic tweet “stockings footjob” on Twitter in September 2020, making netizens and even foreign politicians mock him. At that time the Chinese Embassy in the UK argued that Liu’s Twitter account had been hacked, and strongly condemned the action. However, some insiders pointed out that, going through two steps of login verification for Liu’s Twitter account, there are no problems, IP address, GPS location, and the device’s serial code remains the same, thereby determining that this account was used by Liu or someone beside him.

Vision Times said that this time, Liu’s statement that there were “100 countries giving a fair voice” reminded netizens of his scandal. Netizens once again commented: “I really like your black mesh stockings, can you wear them again some time?” Another commented: “He has secretly collected over 100 pairs of black silk stockings, then accidentally said over 100 countries, right?”

A wealthy Chinese was attacked for not keeping his promise to donate 90% of his assets to national defense

Chen Guangbiao, who “disappeared for a long time” and claimed to be “the richest man in China,” once again attracted attention before and after Pelosi’s.

Before Pelosi’s trip to Asia, Chen said on Weibo that he did not think Pelosi would actually go to Taiwan.

“If she visits Taiwan, I’m willing to donate 90% of my family’s wealth to national defense at the earliest,” he said.

Pelosi made a good visit to Taiwan, however, Chen deleted his post, causing a wave of attacks in the online community.

Chen, considered “China’s No.1 philanthropist,” posted on Weibo saying that neither the White House nor Pelosi herself mentioned the visit to Taiwan, but he was informed by a British media report. Therefore, he thought that the information that Pelosi would visit Taiwan was just to test the Chinese side’s reaction, he said: Netizens please be assured that Pelosi will not come to Taiwan, nor will she go as an individual.”

He even gambled with his family’s fortune when he declared: “If (Pelosi) visits Taiwan, I am willing to donate 90% of my family’s fortune to national defense at the earliest.”

However, after Pelosi completed her visit to Taiwan on Aug. 3, Chen hastily deleted the post. Some careful netizens backed up his relevant remarks and spread them on the internet.

Many netizens left mocking comments:

“Donating 90% (of wealth) to the country, please fulfill your promise”;

“90% (of property), fighting (you can do it), the whole country is watching”;

“Generous Brother Biao, your value has already shrunk by 90%”;

“The Party is watching, if you don’t donate, you will be ransacked and taken away, you can’t control (yourself)”;

“Speaking without keeping (promises), how can our party tolerate it?”

Some netizens even realized the CCP’s plot to divert public opinion and said, “In the blink of an eye, everyone ignores the depositors, the broken loans, the unfinished buildings, and private information leaked. Pelosi cured my painful internal problems. Pelosi is my auntie.” (This person used the expression ‘auntie’ to link to a video that attracted the Chinese online community a short time ago about ‘uncle,’ which was later said to be a fake, staged video about the character of uncle).

Previously, Tang Hao, a veteran media personality and host of the YouTube channel “Crossroads of the World,” also mentioned on the program that, this time, taking advantage of Pelosi’s visit and issues like U.S.-Taiwan relations, the CCP exaggerated it.

Because before the 20th National Congress of the CCP, it is necessary to stoke nationalist feelings and hatred for external enemies. This way, the Chinese people will continue to “love the Party and love the country,” overflowing with hatred for the enemy, and then forget and ignore all kinds of humanitarian disasters caused by the Party.

In the video, Tang Hao said: “Recently, Chinese society has been very unstable, including the case of beating people in Tangshan, the Henan local bank fraud case, the nationwide suspension of mortgage repayment, banks not allowing depositors to withdraw deposits etc. These serious social contradictions and conflicts have made more and more Chinese people dissatisfied with the government, discontent with the Party, which has become a threat to the Party’s regime”.

Tang pointed out that only by stirring up the people’s nationalist sentiments, leading the public to hate the United States and Taiwan, and shifting the discontent of the Chinese people abroad, the CCP will have space to breathe.

After rising to fame, Chen Guangbiao served as a member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Committee of Jiangsu Province, a delegate to the Nanjing Municipal People’s Congress, and an executive member of All China Federation of Industry and Commerce. However, many famous philanthropic exaggerations, and the mysterious source of wealth behind him, are always accompanied by controversy and doubt.

In September 2016, Caixin published a long article discussing “Chen Guangbiao: No.1 philanthropist or No.1 swindler.” It was discovered that Chen was suspected of illegally raising funds in the name of charity, illegally bidding, illegally reselling relocation projects, forging seals, evading taxes, and other illegal acts.

At the same time, Chen was also familiar with Ling Jihua, former minister of United Front Work. Caixin revealed that Ling highly appreciated Chen’s ability to influence public opinion. In 2008, Ling arranged for Chen to “perform” rescuing the Sichuan earthquake; Chen used Ling’s power to constantly have more opportunities to earn money.

After the 2008 Sichuan earthquake, Chen befriended Li Dongsheng. The article did not explain the transaction between the two, but only clearly stated that Li was once the director of the “610 Office,” the highest-ranking organization of the CCP, above the legal system, whose sole mission is to directly persecute Falun Gong. After Ling fell from his horse, Chen was investigated for his involvement in the Ling case. Since then, a large amount of negative news about Chen has appeared, once becoming the hottest topic on social platforms, including the fact that he abandoned his wife and lived a depraved life.

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