The Daily Wire reported on Feb. 20, in an interview this week with Sen. Tommy Tuberville, that regional groups had more responsibility for what was happening in Ukraine than the U.S. He also said that China is what the U.S. really needed to focus on.

Tuberville said, “We know that NATO and the European Union, this is much more their responsibility — it’s really not ours. We are in NATO.”

He continued, “But at the end of the day, you know, we just got out of a war; we don’t want in another war. Plus, we know our number one adversary doesn’t just want a little power like Russia, China wants to rule the world. So, our focus needs to be more on that.”

Amid a hyped-up crisis in Ukraine, on Feb. 10, Secretary of State Antony Blinken paid a 7-day visit to the Asia-Pacific region.

On Feb 18, German newspaper Welt, in an article titled “Suddenly Germany’s security is secondary,” analysed that the action has signaled where the core focus of Washington’s attention lies, which is Asia.

The article observed that Washington’s aim to avoid the Ukrainian crisis’ escalation is primarily to prevent this from triggering a change in the Asian political order. The U.S. does not want the Ukraine event to create favorable conditions for China to invade Taiwan.

According to Welt, this line of diplomacy, which first emerged in the Obama administration, was taking formal shape in the Trump era. Biden has inherited the tradition of his predecessor Trump in terms of U.S. policy toward China.

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