President Joe Biden may be so weak on immigration that he could end up with a crisis at two different countries’ borders.

We’re all aware of how poorly the Biden administration handled the crisis on the country’s border with Mexico at this point. Former President Donald Trump’s successor, Biden, took a stable situation and turned it into a full-fledged humanitarian crisis.

Border Patrol agents are struggling to find enough space to house illegal alien children in cramped facilities for minors as they flock to the border.

With the return of the catch-and-release immigration policy, a large number of adults and families who cross the border are being given court dates that they may or may not attend.

Illegal aliens are also exempt from the leftist corporate media’s speculation about whether they have the CCP Virus (COVID-19), so they’re being bussed and flown across the country where they’ll simply disappear until they’re granted amnesty. That appears to be the Democratic Party’s ultimate goal.

These people will almost certainly become Democratic voters at some point. This crisis didn’t happen by chance, especially given the administration’s continued encouragement for these people to cross.

However, the border crisis could quickly turn into borders crisis.

The Biden administration, according to The Washington Post, plans to start flying some migrants north, far from one border but close to another: the US-Canada border.

Some illegal aliens will soon be given free flights to northern states, according to Nick Miroff of the Washington Post.

“A new spike in the number of families and children crossing the Rio Grande into South Texas over the past several hours is forcing U.S. Customs and Border Protection to request airplanes that will allow the Biden administration to transport migrants to states near the Canadian border for processing,” Miroff stated.

In its report, the Post cited two Department of Homeland Security officials as well as an email that the outlet examined.

Despite the fact that the report did not specify how many immigrants could be relocated away from the southwest, the crisis could soon be very close to home for Americans living near the Canadian border. And what’s to stop people from crossing the border into Canada at some point in the future? 

Canada, on the other hand, takes border security very seriously.

“Every year, millions of people from around the world come to Canada to visit, work, or study temporarily. In addition, more than 300,000 people are approved to make Canada their permanent home each year under three broad categories—economic immigration, family reunification, and humanitarian considerations,” according to a Canadian government website, the country’s strict immigration laws.

“That doesn’t mean that Canada offers a free pass to anyone. Whether you’ve got Temporary Protected Status or no status in the United States, or are coming from any particular region of the world, there is a strict process in place. You might think that once you’re in, you’re in, but that’s just not the case.”

In January, Reuters reported that Canada is deporting thousands of people despite facing criticism for doing so during the global CCP Virus pandemic.

Immigrants from Mexico and Central America may soon be swarming the country’s southern border. What’s to stop them from illegally entering the country and causing a crisis on the northern border? Canada would most likely deport these people back to their original destinations, such as Wisconsin and Minnesota — and why not? This is America’s messed-up situation.

It’s too early to say whether Biden’s inept immigration handling will result in a two-country immigration crisis. The concept, however, isn’t too far-fetched.


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