People asking for an official, who represents the nation on legal matters, to step down are simply trying to ruin the career of a civil servant according to the leader of a legislative group.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) rejected the Democratic Party’s demand for William Barr to resign from his duties as attorney general due to his intervention in the sentencing of Republican consultant Roger Stone.

“A thousand people who want Bill Barr to resign are doing a political hit job on him,” the Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Graham told Fox News’s “Hannity.” “I trust Bill Barr as much as anybody I have met and the law and that he is going to do the right thing by the country.”

He believes Barr only performed his duties when he asked the Department of Justice (DOJ) to reduce Stone’s sentence from an initial range of seven to nine years to between three and four years, because that was “more in line with the typical sentences imposed” for previous cases. President Donald Trump supported the decision because sentencing Stone to between seven and nine years in prison would be a “horrible and very unfair situation.”

The consultant was found guilty back in November for incorrectly explaining to a House committee his investigation of what WikiLeaks might do with emails Russian hackers allegedly obtained about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.

Graham described “Crossfire Hurricane” as an FBI counterintelligence probe that was politically motivated.

“My job is to make sure ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ never occurs again, I think it reeks of political bias,” he said. “The four frontline [former FBI Director Robert] Mueller prosecutors were asking for him for a seven to nine year sentence that was totally unjustified,” Graham said. “I want to find out how far up the chain went, I want to make sure no bonafide warrants are issued ever again as it was against [energy consultant] Carter Page.”

He also believed the investigation posed a threat to a fair an impartial election process.

“I think ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ was a danger to democracy,” he said. “I think it was set up to destroy the Trump campaign, not protect it from Russian influence.”

Graham urged former Mueller Prosecutor Andrew Weissmann to explain why the investigation took two years to complete when it should have been finished much sooner.

“He should have figured it out in the first week there was nothing there,” Graham said.

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