The announcement by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) that vaccination against the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus would be “necessary in a democratic society” is causing outrage among many citizens.

The Court, based in Strasbourg, France, issued its ruling in conclusion to a lawsuit filed by Czech families regarding mandatory vaccinations for children, according to DW on April 8. In its view, mandatory vaccinations are in the “best interests” of children: “The aim has to be that all children are protected against serious diseases, through vaccination or by virtue of herd immunity,” it said.

In this sense, it is feared that ECHR’s opinion will become a reference for the jurisprudence on the subject and that it could violate the rights of all those who do not wish to receive the controversial vaccines.
For Nicolas Hervieu, a jurist specializing in the ECHR, the judgment “reinforces the possibility of a compulsory vaccination under conditions of the current COVID-19 epidemic,” according to France24.
The ECHR also specified that the Czech health policy does not violate Article 8 on the right to respect private life, according to the European Convention on Human Rights, despite the thousands of deaths and adverse effects caused by vaccination.

For his part, the former British MEP, James Wells, spread his indignation through a terse message on his Twitter account.

“Abominable and morally repugnant, no other words…”, Wells wrote. 

In this context, the Italian journalist, Cesare Sacchetti, claims that the billionaire financier of many of the world’s leftist movements, George Soros, finances at least 18 of the ECHR judges, which would call into question the impartiality of these officials.

“The ECHR ruled that mandatory vaccines could be “necessary.” It is helpful to remember that 18 judges of this court have ties with Soros,” tweeted Sacchetti.
He added: “To put it simpler, Soros pays them. When they write a verdict, they’re writing what George Soros told them to write.”

Many versions are circulating, suggesting complex networks of economic and political interests surrounding the pandemic, which arose from the controversial dealings of the CCP. The blame for the disastrous, destructive impact suffered by the world can be laid at their feet.
One of the people exposing part of the sophisticated plot is the Twitter user who goes by the user ID of @mol_zeynep, in one of her message threads.

“Glaxo owns the Wuhan laboratory in China.. And he also happens to own Pfizer, who found the vaccine. and what a coincidence, he runs Soros ‘ finances and the Open Foundation. society.. And what a coincidence, it is also the financing of” wrote @mol_zeynep.

She continued with, “the famous German company Winterthur, which built the Wuhan laboratory.. And by Chance, the German alliance bought this company..And coincidentally, its largest shareholder is the huge Vanguard company.. And coincidentally, he is also a shareholder of Black Rock,…”

“which manages 1/3 of the world’s capital.. And what a coincidence, he is also one of the major shareholders of Microsoft and Bill Gates, which is a coincidence that he is also a shareholder of Pfizer…..”, she ends. 

After almost four months of the rollout of vaccination in many countries, there have been thousands of deaths and many more adverse cases that have required hospitalizations and and many have sustained permanent damage, which generates widespread rejection of the vaccines against the CCP Virus in many countries.

Now, this ECHR ruling fuels fears that vaccination will be made mandatory, in violation of international treaties that protect individuals’ rights.


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