Fox News reported on Feb 19, a group of veteran fighters have recently developed an augmented reality technology that allows fighter pilots to fly real planes while training against virtual enemies.

Daniel Robinson, CEO and founder of Red 6 said, “We must do something about the investment China is making in cyber and AI, as well, because in certain spheres, I believe they are much ahead of us.”

He said, “The whole reason I started this company is pilots must fly. We can’t do this in simulators,” adding, “The beautiful thing with this technology is it’s reset, reset, reset.”

Robinson also told Fox News that a standard flying hour might allow a pilot three chances to look at a problem set. However, with this technology, pilots could get up to 10 looks at the problem set.

Last year, the US Air Force awarded Red 6 a $70 million contract. Within the next 18 months, the company expects to see its technology in a fighter jet.

The award of the contract came at a time when the Defense Department was being accused of lacking agility and accountability in the tech sector.

Nicolas Chaillan, the former chief software officer for the Air Force and Space Force, posted a letter on LinkedIn, saying “If the US can’t match the booming, hardworking population in China, then we have to win by being smarter, more efficient, and forward-leaning through agility, rapid prototyping and innovation. We have to be ahead and lead. We can’t afford to be behind.”

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