American Airlines records flight cancelations totaling 2,300

U.S. 11/02/21, 23:22

Severe weather and staff shortages have forced American Airlines to face flights cancelation on four consecutive days. With more flight cancellations added on Monday, Nov. 1, the world's largest airline witnessed total cancelations of approximately 2,300.  On Monday, the airline recorded 340 canceled flights, accounting for 6% of its total planned ...

Southwest, American, Delta airlines will not force workers to be vaccinated

U.S. 08/13/21, 20:05

Three airlines rejected implementing mandatory Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus vaccinations across their workforces. Southwest Airlines, American Airlines, and Delta Air Lines will not follow suit with competitor United Airlines's vaccine mandate. At least one of the objecting companies claimed giving individuals the right to make their own informed medical decisions ...

Unhinged woman taped to seat after trying to open plane door

Texas 07/12/21, 21:46

A woman on an American Airlines Flight 1774 on July 6 had to be restrained after assaulting flight attendants who tried to stop her opening the cabin door whilst it was airborne. The gray-haired woman was seen in a video posted to social media with silver duct tape over her mouth, ...

Plane in fatal crash in South Carolina had a part installed upside down

U.S. 06/06/21, 19:07

A plane tragedy occurred in world aviation history on May 21 in South Carolina when James Harper, a 60-years-old American Airlines pilot, was killed when his small private Piper PA-31 crashed shortly after takeoff from Myrtle Beach International Airport, reported The NY Post. According to investigators, Harper's private plane crashed ...

Plane forced into emergency landing after a man lights up joint mid-flight

U.S. 09/22/19, 15:20

After a passenger lit a joint during a flight, an American Airlines flight was compelled to make an emergency landing on Friday, Sept. 20. The incident is reported to have occurred during a flight from Phoenix to Minneapolis, forcing the pilot to make an emergency landing in Denver. The pilot allegedly informed ...

American Airlines cancels Max flights through mid-August

Business 04/14/19, 13:50

American Airlines announced Sunday that it was canceling 115 flights per day through mid-August because of ongoing problems with the Boeing 737 Max aircraft.The announcement made American the second major carrier to cancel Max flights through the busy summer season. Southwest Airlines, the largest operator of Boeing jets, announced last ...

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