Parents reshape baby skulls to follow dangerous ‘beauty’ fad

China 11/02/21, 16:55

A growing number of parents are forcing infant heads to grow rounder because they will look more popular. Social media feeds are quickly filling with advice to mothers and fathers who are thinking about reshaping their newborn's skull. So-called correctors are designed to force soft infant bones into rounder shapes. This means ...

Colorado newborn baby gets massive cut on her face during C-section

U.S. 06/22/21, 18:32

Kyanni Williams, the daughter of Reazjhana Williams and Damarqus Williams, was born last week at Denver Health Hospital in Colorado. Unfortunately, an emergency C-section left the newborn infant with a large slash across her face, requiring more than a dozen stitches. Kyanni suffered a severe cut on her face when she ...

Twin brothers in Minnesota welcome first sons on the same day

U.S. 10/03/19, 14:43

Identical twin brothers in Minnesota had an unexpected surprise on Sept. 19 when both of their wives gave birth on the same day. Pat Young and his wife, Ashley, welcomed a baby boy named Jack Todd Young at 6:01 p.m. at Hastings Regina Hospital. Just before midnight that same day, KARE ...

Toddler runs lemonade stand to help babies in need

California 08/01/19, 15:27

Ava Lewis, 3, had one simple choice when she decided to start a business: bracelets or lemonade. Without hesitation, she chose lemonade, according to ABC11. The toddler charged 50 cents for a small cup and $1 for a large cup of lemonade. When Ava was asked what she planned to do with ...

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