Taiwan denounces China’s political involvement in sports

China 02/23/22, 19:08

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China (MOFA) and the Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) refuted and condemned Yan Jiarong, the Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee's spokesperson, for using the occasion of the Olympic Games to interfere with international sports activities through politics. Yan Jiarong expressed at a press ...

China ramps up global disinformation activities using patterns unseen before

Insights 01/30/22, 20:19

On Jan. 28, Jianli Yang, head of the Citizens Power Initiative for China, and Nick Monaco, a Chinese misinformation researcher, revealed the Chinese regime is ramping up misinformation efforts globally. The action is about the Beijing Winter Olympics and uses previously unseen patterns and characteristics reported in The Diplomat magazine. According ...

Facebook & Twitter delete thousands of accounts pushing Chinese propaganda

China 12/06/21, 02:49

According to RFA, Facebook and Twitter have deleted thousands of Chinese regime propaganda accounts. Facebook deleted 600 accounts from their Facebook and Instagram platforms, while Twitter removed nearly 2,000 users. Facebook said on Dec. 1 that one fake account belongs to a fictitious Swiss biologist named Wilson Edwards. This account spread ...

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