Xi gives speech, same day 60% of China flights suddenly canceled

Weapon/Army 09/23/22, 16:51

On September 21, the CCP held a seminar on defense and military reform in Beijing. According to Tass Russian News Agency, at the meeting, Xi Jinping said, "It is imperative to conscientiously summarize and apply successful experience in reforms, to master new situations and understand the requirements of the tasks, to focus ...

US suspends 44 China flights after some flights canceled by Beijing

China 01/22/22, 16:35

The Biden administration, on Jan. 21, announced that 44 flights from four Chinese airlines had been canceled, citing Beijing's violation of the air travel agreement between both countries.  The suspension will take effect on Jan. 30 and will first apply to Xiamen Airlines picking up passengers from Los Angeles. The penalty ...

US: flights canceled, school classes delayed: Omicron pushing record highs

News 01/04/22, 04:30

People who flew home from their holidays had their flights canceled or delayed in the first week of the new year because of the pandemic. FlightAware data shows that more than 2,500 U.S. flights and more than 4,100 worldwide were canceled on Sunday, 2. Many airlines started blaming COVID-19 infections in flight crews for ...

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