Cruel! Zhengzhou transports 870 people to Xuzhou, then abandons them

Trending 11/28/22, 14:39

The number of cases in Zhengzhou city, Henan province, China continues to climb. According to the Henan CDC, Zhengzhou city launched a so-called offensive war lasting 5 days from midnight on November 24 to midnight on November 29, to achieve "zero-COVID." Some netizens have published photos and documents on Weibo, suspecting that ...

Protests broke out at the same time; Will they be resolved

Trending 11/25/22, 14:57

People's anger over China's three-year lockdown is exploding. On the evening of November 23, a large-scale protest took place in Haizhou district, Guangzhou city. At the same time, a riot at Foxconn in Zhengzhou entered its second night. In trying to suppress the riot the CCP bribed people with money ...

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