U.S., Australia, U.K. agree on hypersonic arms cooperation

Tech 04/06/22, 14:13

The United States, United Kingdom and Australia on Tuesday, April 5, made a cooperation pact to increase hypersonic weapons and electronic warfare capabilities as Russia and China rapidly advance cutting-edge technology, according to Reuters.  In a statement, the leaders of the newly formed AUKUS defense alliance, U.S. President Joe Biden, British ...

US can’t confirm Russia used hypersonic missiles, DoD official says

U.S. 03/22/22, 13:04

Russia claimed Saturday, March 19, that it had used Kinzhal (Dagger) hypersonic missiles to destroy a large weapons depot, but while the United States could not confirm it, the action may have been intended to send a message, a Biden administration DoD official said.  The Russian Defense Department showed on Twitter ...

Arms race: Putin urges to speed up development of new hypersonic missiles

Europe 11/04/21, 22:12

Russian President Vladimir Putin has emphasized the importance of new weapons by urging the country's arms manufacturers to develop even more advanced hypersonic missiles and high-energy lasers.  “It's particularly important to develop technologies for creating new hypersonic weapons, high-energy lasers and robotic complexes that would be capable of efficiently countering potential ...

China tests destroy port using underwater explosives

China 10/28/21, 21:59

The Chinese military tested the first underwater port attack using explosives as informed by the state media, arguing that could be used against the U.S. military. A wharf at an unidentified port in an unknown location was successfully destroyed with underwater charges, Business Insider reported from local news agencies.  In order to ...

The real reasons why China sent its air force to Taiwan

Middle East 10/26/21, 20:04

Recently, Beijing has sent numerous military aircraft—bombers, fighter jets, reconnaissance planes, and anti-submarine aircraft—to fly over Taiwan's air defense identification zone (ADIZ). People's Liberation Army (PLA) aircraft regularly violate Taiwan's ADIZ, but the number is unprecedented this time. And the combination of using these types of aircraft is similar to that ...

Russia successfully launches another hypersonic missile

U.S. 07/20/21, 03:37

The Russian defense ministry on Monday, July 19, announced that its military succeeded in the test launching of a new Zircon hypersonic cruise missile.  The department said Zircon was fired from a warship in the White Sea, the frigate Admiral Gorshkov. The new generation missile surged through nearly seven times the ...

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