Will Xi use force against Taiwan? Experts warn about ‘Beiping Model’

Trending 11/13/22, 14:25

When Xi Jinping inspected the Operations Command Center of the Central Military Commission on November 8, he said that "the army should concentrate all its strength on fighting, concentrate all for fighting.” This sparked speculation that the CCP was about to invade Taiwan. In a recent interview with Vision Times, ...

Robot dogs and spy drones in action, what is the CCP planning?

Weapon/Army 10/07/22, 19:36

Recently, a video of a drone with an armed robot dog went viral on Chinese social media. However, so far it has not been confirmed that the video was recorded during military exercises. Social network users expressed their criticism toward the Chinese communist regime saying that Chinese officials don't know how ...

Chinese military’s Achilles heel exposed: Why it’s not ready for war

Weapon/Army 09/17/22, 15:30

A recently released report points to weaknesses in the Chinese military, known as the People's Liberation Army (PLA), that directly affect all levels of leadership within the Chinese armed forces. Joel Wuthnow, the author of the U.S. National Defense University report, researched more than 300 senior Chinese officers between 2015 and ...

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