Semiconductor engineers flee China

Corruption 11/18/22, 13:38

China has always strived to develop its semiconductor industry, once paying 2 to 3 times higher wages to recruit a large number of Taiwanese engineers to work across the strait. However, as reported by the The New York Times, due to Chinese regime's pandemic restrictions and the impact of the ...

Project Veritas lawsuit: President Trump personally congratulated founder

U.S. 03/24/21, 07:03

The New York Times was sued for defamation by James O'Keefe and Project Veritas in November 2020. Throughout its 10-year history, Project Veritas has gone 7-0 in court battles.  Project Veritas used videos that exposed information about a ballot harvesting scheme, which has been targeted by New York Times writers Maggie Astor ...

Project Veritas wins big in court against The New York Times

New York 03/20/21, 10:53

In the defamation case brought forward by Project Veritas, Justice Charles D. Wood of the Supreme Court of New York in Westchester County rejected The New York Times motion to dismiss on March 19, according to Project Veritas. The case was brought by Project Veritas after The New York Times called ...

Seattle mayor may face federal charges for riots in city’s CHOP

U.S. 09/17/20, 16:46

According to The New York Times, the Department of Justice (DOJ) is allegedly exploring the possibility of federal charges against Democratic Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan for her role in facilitating her city's violent “Chop” or Capitol Hill Organized Protest. According to two unnamed sources supposedly familiar with the issue, The New ...

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