Challenge Xi Jinping? Li Keqiang mentions this three times a day

Trending 10/06/22, 14:20

At the time of the high-level transfer of power at the 20th National Congress of the CCP, Premier Li Keqiang in one day emphasized three times, "reform and opening-up" is the CCP's basic policy, attracting public attention. On September 30, Li reiterated the need for "reform and opening-up" during his speech ...

Tension in Zhongnanhai

Trending 09/30/22, 15:08

The 20th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party is fast approaching. All over China people are tense and complain about being monitored. At the same time, after Xi Jinping resurfaced on September 27, he continued to speed up the investigation and purge the "Xi assassination" gang. Liu Yanping, the ...

Chinese communist party fractures and persecutes dissidents

Insights 09/24/22, 19:16

On October 16, 2022, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) will hold its 20th National Congress. The meeting of the "proletariat" will test the management of the current National Secretary, Xi Jinping. Meanwhile, large fractures in the organization come to light amid a climate of persecution of dissidents—scapegoats that the CCP ...

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