Apple and the consequences of partnering with the Chinese regime

Tech 11/16/22, 20:26

Images of people escaping from a factory facility in China at the end of October swept the world. Workers jumping over fences and fleeing cross-country or walking along roadsides to escape the harsh working conditions and quarantine measures put one of the most emblematic companies of these times, Apple, in ...

Chinese people are waking up: Citizens tired of quarantine confront the police

China 09/20/22, 17:27

For some time now, Chinese citizens have been showing strong resistance to the zero-COVID campaign of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) because of the terrible social consequences caused by the closure of cities, and stores, extensive confinements, and endless rounds of nucleic acid testing. For this reason, on September 18, thousands ...

Astonishing reason why Tianjin is under a large-scale lockdown again

Corruption 07/29/22, 18:17

According to Baidu, the Tianjin government announced that from July 27 to 29, nucleic acid testing would be carried out for three consecutive days in the Jingkai Group and Binhai New Economic Zone in the Microelectronics Industrial Park in Dasi Town, Xiqing District. The notice advises people in these areas not to leave the ...

Shanghai: 3 arrested for speaking out against ‘Zero Covid’ policy

Social problem 06/12/22, 17:52

Implementing the Zero Covid anti-epidemic policy has led to a wave of discontent among the people in Shanghai. In particular, there are more and more dissidents. Recently, dissidents have been summoned by the police. Chinese-language media Da Ji Yuan described three typical cases (of citizens). Ji Xiaolong 季孝龙  Ji Xiaolong is a ...

Epidemic: the food problem and access to health care

In-depth Reports 05/29/22, 14:55

The food problem  Dandong city in Liaoning province of China has been closed for more than a month. It's so difficult for many residents to have regular meals every day. However, according to NTDTV, the officials and businessmen continue to make money from materials donated for pandemic prevention. A video shows ...

A Tragicomedy: the CCP afraid of the communist anthem

In-depth Reports 05/07/22, 14:03

Shanghai has been closed for more than a month, and extreme epidemic prevention measures have caused public outrage. Recently, Shanghai police summoned a citizen accused of playing "The Internationale"—a song once highly promoted by the CCP but now feared by the authorities—.  The case attracted the attention of netizens, and censors ...

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