On October 1 – China’s National Day – the streets of Beijing, especially the areas around Tiananmen Square were heavily guarded with plainclothes police everywhere. Some netizens discovered a strange sight: the Beijing hotel a short distance from Tiananmen Square was completely dark, the road in front of the Forbidden City was also dark.

A video posted by Twitter account Zhao Lanjian showed on the night October 1, Beijing Hotel was completely dark and not a single window was lit. The street in front of the Beijing hotel also had no lights and seemed to have no power.

Beijing Hotel is located on Chang’an Avenue, next to it is Tiananmen Square and on the other side is the Forbidden City and Wangfujing Street, which is the center of the Beijing capital. Sound of Hope quoted a netizen, “Does such an important place experience a power outage?! It’s weird.”

Twitter account Zhao Lanjian posted a video and added, “If you say there’s nothing unusual in Beijing, this lights out incident really needs an explanation. If there were no power outages, why were Beijing streets dark with zero lights on? Why does the government allow a power outage at such an important place?”

Even the street lights at the entrance to the Forbidden City were not on, although they are always on even during non-holidays. The Forbidden City is located next to Zhongnanhai, so netizens suspected that maybe something important happened there.

Another video was also posted by Zhao Lanjian with the content, “Why were the lights at the entrance to the Forbidden City turned off on the night of October 1? Usually they will light up even if it’s not a holiday. To say that there were no incidents in Beijing would be nonsense. Any major turning point in Chinese history is unexpectedly reversed.”

In addition, netizens discovered that the official website of Beijing Hotel was inaccessible, citing the reason that it was under maintenance.

Currently, the official website of Beijing hotel, https://bit.ly/3M7boab is still not accessible. Former media officer Zhao Lanjian said on Twitter, “The Beijing hotel was found to experience power outage on the night of October 1, which is very strange. That’s why the hotel had to activate its private generator. Netizens have found the official website inaccessible. I once heard a friend at the Beijing hotel say that there is an underground passage leading directly to Zhongnanhai. Think for yourself, what’s the big deal here.”

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