Cai Yunfeng, a businessman in the hotel industry in Gansu, recently published a letter nearly 20,000 words long, revealing that he was a “fixer former Gansu public security system,” helping then bribe officials, shocking the citizens of Gansu. Currently, Cai has lost contact.

Cai revealed that he has a close relationship with former deputy director of the Gansu Police Department Yao Yuan. For more than 10 years he acted as an intermediary for Yao’s purchase of officials. Mainly related to the jobs that Yao was assigned to manage, including staffing at the Department of Fire Prevention, the Provincial Public Security Department, and even the leadership position of the police station. In addition to Yao, those mentioned in Cai’s letter include Xu Yongsheng, deputy secretary of the Political and Legal Affairs Committee of Gansu Province; Zhou Shouke, who was transferred to the Ministry of Public Security; and Liu Guozhu, in charge of the Fire Protection Regiment.

The letter reveals the corruption details of Yao and his wife Lin Mingyu. For example, both have at least 12 properties in Gansu, Beijing, and Huangshan. Cai also revealed that he and his wife gave bribes to the wife of former Deputy Minister of Public Security Fu Zhenghua.

Radio Free Asia (RFA) quoted an insider who requested anonymity to reveal that, after the police arrived at Cai’s house on September 20, he has not been heard from. Insiders believe that Cai may be in local police custody. This person also added that Cai has a serious illness and he is bankrupt. After falling on hard times, he went to his friends in the field to ask for help, but received a cold shoulder. So he decided to tell the truth using his own name.

Cai’s letter was originally posted on NetEase and Weibo but was deleted on the September 21.

A senior journalist who has researched this incident also believes that Cai will surely have even bigger problems with this letter. The letter also mentions several people in the Ministry of Public Security. In addition, the reporter said, “It is very ‘strange’ in Gansu, many people here have been promoted to work at the Ministry of Public Security.”

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