On September 6, when residents in Chengdu, Sichuan, China took a nucleic acid test, they discovered that the production date of the cotton swabs was September 9, according to Hexun News, prompting netizens to scoff that swabs can time travel. Some netizens revealed that there were flies in the test tube and one netizen said that in another place staff did not swab anyone’s throat but inserted the cotton swab into the test tube.

Netizens shared photos of sample swabs and exclaimed that it’s scary what they are doing and that nucleic acid swabs can travel through time!

On September 6, an employee at Guangdong Guyun Medical Technology Company responded that the actual production date of sampling swabs was September 1, there is no problem with their quality. This was because the supplier made a mistake when printing. This batch of swabs has now been recalled and will be replaced.

The manufacturer of this batch of cotton swabs has issued a statement explaining the situation.

One netizen posted a video revealing that a tester supposedly giving a PCR test did not even swab the throat, but directly dipped the swab into something and put it in the test tube. 

The topic “Chengdu citizens nucleic acids tests for 3 days after their sampling swabs are just produced” has reached Weibo’s top of hot searches. Many netizens have expressed dissatisfaction with the nucleic acid test.

The general consensus is that the tests are “really really fake,” and the nucleic acid testing agency is fake.

They believe that they can’t let nucleic acid companies make money anymore. At best just let them break even, otherwise the pandemic will never end.

Why is this test different from the one at hospitals?The hospital directly pastes a code on the sample tube. For sampling outside the hospital, it scans the code and sticks it on the tube. When it comes to collecting samples at the centralized sampling point, I don’t see samples placed in test tubes, how can you know who is who?

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