The “white paper revolution” has started in China. For the fourth day, many Chinese people have been suppressed by the police. Horrifying images have been spread on the internet. The world has also stood up to defend freedom and human rights. Some Chinese netizens said that they regretted not supporting Hong Kong’s anti-extradition protests three years ago, and they apologized to Hong Kong and thank the people.

At the end of a video, there is also a screenshot of a message from a Chinese netizen, word by word expressing his indifference and remorse for the anti-extradition protests that happened in Hong Kong. In the video, a Chinese netizen replied that it is now completely understandable how Hong Kong people felt: “When the anti-extradition movement was going on, the vast majority of people in China supported the police and scolded Hong Kong people. Now we must bear the retribution.”

Some people who could not hide their sadness said, “Hong Kong… I’m sorry… At that time they blindfolded me, covered my ears and dressed me up as a clown. Hong Kong, thank you!”

“I thought they were wrong 3 years ago, I didn’t realize it at the time, I really want to apologize to them, fighting for our rights is the bravest thing.”

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