Recently, a video went viral online showing that military training courses for elementary school students in Guangxi, China can be compared to Taiwan’s commando training courses. With the average age of primary school students from 6 to 12, they must carry a “rocket launcher,” and also learn how to fire a “flame mortar.” During the training course, elementary school students in Guangxi had to bite a knife, hold a rifle, and slither in the mud. They were sprayed with water from a high-pressure water gun. After the actual battle video was released, it shocked netizens all over the world.

A clip was posted showing the scene of severe military training for elementary school students in Guangxi and an even more brutal field survival training that is about to take place.

China’s military training for middle and elementary schools is very rigorous. Schools even uses small model fire for students to practice. They are trained to adapt to all kinds of extreme situations and keep moving forward. Circumstances included the scene of a fire, heavy rain, and mud, according to Aboluowang.

According to the Qianjiang Evening News, from August 2021, China will launch the “Military Training Curriculum for High School Students.” The training period is about 7 to 14 days, with 56 lessons including military knowledge, tactical operations, basic knowledge of combat, and military sports and the results of battle. High school military academic achievement scores will also be included in student records as a key reference for future military service.

Military training in high school is also extremely harsh. There will be tanks driving straight into the field. Students must be able to shoot rifles and fight alongside the tanks.

Chinese students are trained to keep going without fear under ​​fire.
A video on TikTok shows children being trained physically and mentally, training the will to fight to the end. Children’s determination is not from acting, but from within. (0:28 to 0:56)

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