Sina newspaper reported, on September 3, that a school in Qinhuangdao, Hebei province set up a table with a hammer at the school gate, claiming to “break mobile phones for free.” This has sparked controversy among netizens.

School officials added that this measure is intended to deter students and prevent them from becoming addicted to mobile games. The school discussed this with parents and the parents agreed.

This action by the school sparked discussions among netizens on Weibo. Most of them disagree with the school’s way of doing things. There are also a few netizens who think that the school should have a clear policy that prohibits students from carrying mobile phones.

The Epoch Times has compiled some comments from netizens. One person thought that the school was too free to do whatever it wanted.

One netizen wrote, “There is no problem with banning cell phones to avoid game addiction, but this approach is problematic.”

 Another wrote, “There are many ways to ban it, why choose an extreme method like this? “

There was also the fact that this punishment is teaching children to be extreme. If they don’t like someone they may feel justified in taking a hammer to the person. Where is the morality, the duty to restraint? What are they teaching young people.”

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