Under the Chinese Communist Party’s pandemic lockdown, scenes of people starving and reports of a lack of food have happened many times. Recently, a video recorded by a female volunteer in Guiyang City, Guizhou province kneeling to beg for food attracted the attention of netizens. However, later, the local police said that this woman was posing for photos, obstructing traffic, and the case is up for investigation. But then, the full video released by netizens exposed the police lies.

According to HK01, the Guiyang police on September 15 announced: Recently, they received information from the public that in the static management area (the area where leaving your home or the community is prohibited) of the Huaguoyuan residential area, there were photos of a person kneeling that were posted on the internet. According to the Guiyang police, this woman appeared to want to attract attention to increase interaction on social networks. The impact is extremely negative, the case is currently under investigation.

Aboluowang reported, that netizens asked many questions like, “Why don’t you play the complete video?”; “Watch the complete video and tell me is that photo posing? If it’s not hunger, who would kneel like this?”

One local netizen spoke for a group, “Our neighborhood committee is still delivering food to people but people can’t go get it themselves. I don’t know why she got down on her knees, but what she says is the truth.”

According to the full video posted by local netizens: In the early morning on September 10, in the Huaguoyuan residential area, Guiyang City, a woman stood in front of a large truck and said to the relief food delivery man, “Our residential area has been out of food for days. Yesterday each household was given only one cabbage, and no rice to eat. I hope you can give us some vegetables.”

The delivery man asked her, “Have you contacted your residential area manager?”

When the delivery man asked if she had contacted her residential manager, she replied, that the leaders of the Public Security Bureau and the Public Security Bureau are with us. All of our volunteers are there waiting (for food).”

The delivery man wound up leaving some food for her.

She knelt to thank the man for his generosity and kindness.

Then a policeman in a white protective suit walked up to the woman and asked her to stand up.

A Twitter user retweeted the video and commented: “In peacetime, Chinese people have money, and possessions but they have to go hungry because of the deformed ‘zero-COVID’ policy!”

Another tweeted, “This is a strange country, locked in a cage in a prosperous world, and people have no choice but to kneel and beg! This is the lament of the lowly in a prosperous world! “

According to The Paper, Huaguoyuan residential area in Guiyang used to be the largest slum renovation project in China. According to the nucleic acid collection number, there are about 120,000 households and 220,000 people living there. Aboluowang reported that currently, the area is still implementing pandemic prevention measures—gates of many residences and residents’ houses have been locked. Food donated from other places is being sold at high prices by local authorities or left to rot, while people locked in their homes are starving because of supposed food shortages.

On September 10, the people in Guiyang hung white strips of cloth outside a building, with words: “I’m so hungry! I want to eat rice!”

According to The Epoch Times, that night, Huaguoyuan residents ended the lockdown on their own because they were hunger and rushed out to protest the lockdown and scramble to buy food. According to reports, over 100 residents were arrested. By the evening of September 11, authorities had the entire area surrounded. 

According to the newspaper, on the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the conversation between a hungry mother daughter who couldn’t sleep made countless netizens feel bitter.

The conversation goes back and forth with the mother telling her daughter that even if she’s hungry she still needs to sleep. But the daughter tells her mother that she’s so hungry she can’t fall asleep and asks her mother if they can go buy food. But the mother reminds her that there’s a pandemic and they can’t go out. In the end finally tells her daughter the only way to get past the hunger is to sleep.

Under the CCP’s pandemic’s prevention measures at least 74 cities in China with a population of 313 million people are under lockdown. At present, the situation in Guiyang is being repeated in Chengdu, Sichuan province, and Ili Autonomous Prefecture in Xinjiang.

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