A magnitude 6.8 earthquake occurred in Luding County, Ganzi Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan province on September 5. As of 9pm on September 6, the earthquake had killed 74 people. Many videos of the earthquake went viral, terrifying some. Many people were injured by falling rocks and collapsed houses, livestock such as chickens were also crushed

A video posted by netizens shows the earthquake. In the blink of an eye, mountains fell and the earth cracked. the noise was horrendous. A town was engulfed in a haze due to the landslides. Locals panicked and did not know where to run. Many other videos also show shocking scenes. (video 1, video 2, video 3, video 4)

JSTV said, according to a quick report from China Earthquake Networks Center on September 5, earthquakes have occurred in Luding, Ya’an, and a number of other places in Sichuan. Statistics show that a total of 7 earthquakes with a magnitude of 2.8 or higher occurred within half an hour in one area. (Short video of 7 earthquakes)

A dashcam video shows a car traveling along a road when the front end suddenly started shaking. The driver had to brake quickly when he saw a house collapsing in front of him. Everyone in the car was screaming.

According to an employee from Ganzi’s 120 Command Center, two people were injured in a local mountain landslide, and several were crushed by collapsing houses.

According to the updates from Chuanguan News, damage to infrastructure as of 3pm on the September 5, at least 3 roads leading to the epicenter of Moxi town were damaged. A dam on the G318 route from Luding district to Moxi town, from Luding district to Gangudi suffered serious landslides. Road S217 (Sichuan Provincial Road) in Ganzi Autonomous Prefecture had four landslides.

In addition, according to statistics from Red Star News through the earthquake rapid reporting system of the China Earthquake Networks Center, within 124 miles of the epicenter, there were 79 earthquakes of magnitude 3 or greater in the past 5 years. This earthquake is the largest in the past three years.

According to population analysis within 12 miles of the epicenter, there are about 39,000 people, within 31 miles about 330,000 people and within 62 miles about 1.55 million people. 

Besides natural disasters, the Chinese also suffer from secondary disasters due to pandemic lockdowns.

Sichuan netizens said that due to so-called pandemic prevention, many residential buildings are locked, there is no way to get out.

One netizen said: Received an earthquake warning 1 minute ago, immediately went downstairs, and saw the door was locked, hahaha!

When the earthquake hit, people wanted to run out to escape, but were stopped by pandemic prevention staff. The two sides ended up arguing.

In some residential areas, the anti-pandemic staff locked people in.

However, some people defied the lockdown, they broke the iron door to save themselves.

The day before the earthquake, monkeys frantically jumped around in a building in Sichuan, seemingly scared. The woman who took the video said: “The monkeys climb like spiders.”

On September 4, Sichuan netizens captured a strange scene—fish jumping out of the water in a fish pond in Neijiang city.

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