On the night of October 1st (China’s National Memorial Day), Tiananmen Square, Beijing was again under martial law. Under the dim light, only police were on the street. The big square had an eerie emptiness to it, the large flower baskets standing in the dark square looked really scary. A netizen commented that things were very weird in Beijing before the 20th National Congress.

A video taken by a Beijing netizen shows that the Tiananmen Square is blocked by many layers of fences and barriers along both sides of the road, with a policeman posted every 32 feet, but not a single pedestrian or cyclist. On the night of October 1, there were no lights, only large flower baskets standing in the dark, revealing a desolate space.

The person taking the video said, “Tiananmen now has absolutely no lights. Currently, bicycles and pedestrians are not allowed. … Motorcycles, trams, and cars are not allowed to pass. In front of Tiananmen, there is not a single person, only police. It doesn’t have a holiday atmosphere.”

The only thing people can do now is line up outside Tiananmen Square at 1 or 2 am every day to watch the flag-raising ceremony. There are also many policemen at the scene. 

In the early morning of October 1, over 200,000 people flocked to Tiananmen Square to watch the flag-raising ceremony. Sound of Hope reported that it was so crowded, everyone seemed to have forgotten to maintain a safe distance.

According to People’s Daily, for 24 hours on October 6, Beijing had 3 more locally confirmed COVID-19 cases. According to another report, on October 8, according to Beijing’s pandemic requirements, Wudaokou Shopping Center in Beijing and Beijing AEON Mall International Shopping Center had to temporarily close.

Sound of Hope said, on this issue, netizens mocked that the COVID-19 virus seems to obey the Chinese regime. Every day Tiananmen Square has hundreds of thousands of people watching the flag-raising ceremony, but the pandemic doesn’t spread. However, remote border provinces such as Xinjiang, Tibet, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Yunnan, and Hainan have been locked down many times due to the pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic has been used by the CCP as a tool to control the public, wherever they want to strengthen control, just give an order, the pandemic will break out immediately.

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