A few days ago, a fire broke out in a high-rise apartment building in Urumqi, Xinjiang. Due to the lockdown, people could not get out, resulting in serious casualties. However, officials denied reports that the exits were tied with iron wire, and said that the photos of the scene were maliciously edited, causing public outrage. On the evening of November 25, local people took to the streets to protest.

On the evening of November 24, a fire broke out in a residential area in Tianshan District, Urumqi. The fire spread from an apartment on the 15th floor to the 17th floor and the smoke spread to the 21st floor. The fire burned for 3 hours before being extinguished. Officials said that 10 people died and nine were injured.

However, Twitter account Abduweli Ayup posted a video saying that 34 Uyghurs were killed and 188 were injured.

The account “Return power to the people” posted information that the CCP’s standard of accident classification is that 3 deaths or less are common accidents, 3-10 deaths are major accidents, more than 10 deaths are serious accidents and serious accidents require sentencing. The building where the accident happened and the leaders at the city and district levels were held accountable or even dismissed, so it’s not difficult to understand why the authorities only reported 10 deaths.

In addition, after the fire broke out, the local police immediately arrested a woman by the name of Su, who had revealed the number of victims in a WeChat group. Police accused her of spreading rumors on the internet about the death toll.

This information has made Chinese netizens extremely angry and according to Sound Of Hope, someone said, “When such a big thing happens, the first person to be dealt with is the netizen.”

At a press conference on November 25, Urumqi government officials announced that they did not tie iron wire on the outside doors of apartments in the fire area. No apartment doors in the building were locked, and the photos posted on the internet were edited.

The comments once again fueled the anger of netizens. Someone said, “This is the most absurd, shameless, cold-blooded, ignorant, and inhuman press conference I have ever heard.”

He went on, “You guys look down on people’s lives. How many similar incidents have happened since the outbreak?”

On the evening of November 25, large-scale public protests broke out in Urumqi, and people took to the streets chanting “lift the lockdown!”

Twitter account “Teacher Li is not your teacher” posted a video saying, “Latest news: Currently, protests have expanded from the Lianxing community to the whole city. Now, various communities in the city of Urumqi have begun to protest, demanding that the government lift the lockdown. People are taking to the streets.”

The Twitter account Uyghur Times Chinese posted a video showing the crowd shouting at the police, “The People’s Police is to serve the people … but you are currently oppressing us.”

the comment continues, “Don’t you have a conscience? How many people died in the fire?”

The account also added: “The CCP sent special police to suppress the protesters.”

Another video shows some officials finally softening their voices in the face of the public siege. They said that the city government will not lift the lockdown. If they voluntarily do so, they will lose their positions.Some netizens commented that some officials have finally awakened, but many also think that the words of CCP officials are unbelievable.

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