During the 20th National Congress of the CCP, Hohhot city, the capital of Inner Mongolia had up to 4,000 cases of the virus. After more than 20 days of lockdown, many people are still being taken to quarantine. The nucleic acid testing site is crowded, cross-contamination is unavoidable.

On October 18, there were 8 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 infection and 24 asymptomatic cases in Hohhot.

According to the Sound of Hope on October 19, the current outbreak in Hohhot started on September 28. Within a week of the long National Day holiday, the large-scale outbreak began. The pandemic prevention crew came every morning to disinfect the area then in the afternoon they would go medical staff to people’s homes to disinfect there and do other jobs.

Schools have been hit the hardest, with countless students infected. The regime’s pandemic prevention department simply ignored the situation and told them to take care of themselves.

All infections in schools go unreported, and large-scale infections are concealed.

The scene of nucleic acid testing in Hohhot was a very scary sight, with thousands of people crowded into a square.

There were so many people crammed together that would inevitably lead to widespread cross-contamination.

At midnight, the government dispatched buses to take people to quarantine, and many people were dragged away.

It is not clear how many buses there were but you couldn’t see the beginning or the end of the line.

The lockdown is even stricter. Many people’s doors are sealed.

Local netizens said authorities have now closed all stores in Hohhot.

Many neighborhoods have been fenced off and shops have been closed.

Only pandemic staff can walk the streets.

The whole city was completely silent, and there was not a single car on the road.

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