On November 27, as reported by netizens, a quarantine area in Lanzhou, Gansu, China, caught fire. Citizens said: “It was the heroes who lit the fire! This is to follow the white paper revolution.”

The video posted by a Twitter account named “World News-Highlights” on December 1 shows a fierce fire in the quarantine area. Black smoke billows. Some firefighters are rushing to put out the fire. The account added: “After the white paper revolution, the act of burning cabin hospitals is growing. The quarantine areas in Lanzhou are on fire, and it is the heroes who set the fire!”

A citizen named “Qing Ye” commented, “I want to burn down all the quarantine areas in China all at once. What kind of cabin hospital is that? It should be called the graves of the undead.”

A citizen known as “Eben” suggested on Twitter: “National community movement: Burn down the cabins, remove health code and journey code, go to the bank to withdraw money. Destroy the monitoring device, claim community autonomy, and occupy the community.”

A citizen named “Tinyhope” commented, “Burning down the quarantine cabins is to save everyone. If the masses burn down the quarantine areas and nucleic acid testing sites built and run by the CCP, do you think the epidemic will end immediately?” The video posted by the account shows images of quarantine areas engulfed in flames. A Twitter account named “Financial indifference” posted a video and said: “Internal meeting of the nucleic acid testing authority in Beijing: Both audio and video evidence of the field hospital receiving a commission of just over $500 (3,500 yuan) is available”.

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