Seth Dillon, CEO of the satirical medium Babylon Bee, was to speak at Palm Beach University chapel in Florida until some people complained about his stance against the Marxist Black Lives Matters movement.

As a consequence, University authorities canceled the event, Campus Reform reported.

Seth Dillon tweeted about a video that shows a mob attacking a car trying to pass by, even chasing it in another vehicle, blocking its path, and trying to break into it.

“Black Lives Matters is a terrorist organization! Dillon said.

A user tweeted that to university authorities, asking if this is who you chose to have speak in chapel on campus on family weekend. Other users also complained about his participation on campus.

Dillon runs the Babylon Bee media outlet, which presents itself as a Christian satirical outlet and publishes ‘news’ trying to generate humor from the absurdity that sometimes results from mainstream media coverage.

Initially, the chapel invited Dillon to give a talk with predetermined questions that would explore his experience as a college student and Christian entrepreneur.

But after the rain of comments on Twitter, faculty member Laura Bishop said in a statement, “We anticipated that an honest conversation like this could become passionate and that emotions may run high.

We did not want to compromise the sacredness of a chapel gathering, and, after heated exchanges on social media, it was decided that the Lassiter Rotunda of the Warren Library would be a more suitable venue for Mr. Dillon”.

Dillon declined the offer to speak at the library: “Bishop would not explicitly tell me what I’d said or done that made my presence in the chapel suddenly inappropriate. I told her that if I’m not welcome in their chapel, then I don’t feel welcome on their campus.”

The Babylon Bee CEO also expressed concern about the influence of what is known as the “cancel culture” and further noted the contradiction of a Christian university opposing someone who expresses Christian values being canceled to appease a left-leaning mob.

Dillon said, “Cancel culture has come for me. I’m just too dangerous and divisive to be permitted to speak on the campus of my alma mater.

Since when do you have to support terrorist organizations that use violence and intimidation to advance their agenda to be welcome on a Christian campus?”

The CEO said he recently donated $300,000 to launch a master’s program at the university. For donations in the future, he wants to see a strong public stance against the culture of cancellation and concluded that “we need more backbone and less coddling in our Christian institutions. And we need it yesterday.”

The university president later met with Dillon and apologized for the situation, assuring him that she will look for opportunities in the future so that he can give a speech in the chapel.

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