The CDC is committing one of the most egregious medical frauds of our time, inflating COVID-19 instances in the unvaccinated while concealing COVID cases in the fully vaccinated. As the initial aerosolized bioweapon evades detection, the continuous release of the spike protein through the “savior” vaccinations, this COVID-19 testing deception continues to confuse the American medical reaction.

Dr. Harvey Risch of the Yale School of Medicine recently called out the CDC for widespread medical fraud in an interview with Fox New’s Laura Ingraham. The CDC modified the COVID-19 testing parameters for the wholly vaccinated, cutting the cycle threshold count of the PCR test ONLY for the vaccinated.

A physician reveals the CDC’s testing and vaccination deception.

According to Dr. Harvey Risch, “Some months ago, the CDC stopped counting breakthrough cases,” he explained, “the large numbers of cases in people who had been vaccinated.”

“So, of course, those cases don’t register for the CDC’s counts, and so the great proportion [of cases] that they’re claiming are in unvaccinated people.”

According to Israel’s health ministry, vaccinated persons account for 40% of new COVID-19 infections, whereas previously infected people account for fewer than 1% of new cases. In addition, eople who have recovered from a natural illness have a 40-fold higher chance of avoiding hospitalization from future variations. In the United Kingdom, Sir Patrick Vallance stated that vaccinated people account for 40-60% of new COVID-19 cases, demonstrating that vaccinations fail miserably in avoiding serious sickness in the real world.

People’s lives are still being destroyed by PCR test fraud and fraudulently marketed vaccinations.

These COVID-19 tests are frequently falsely calibrated at over 30 or 40 cycle thresholds to create a “false positive” COVID-19 diagnosis. In addition the tests can’t tell the difference between infectious and dead virus material, so they can provide a false positive even if someone has recovered from the illness and is immune.

A PCR cycle threshold of 17 is used to make a more accurate diagnosis, which is then verified using symptom-specific criteria and backed up by another test called Sanger Sequencing.

On the other hand, most states were opaque about the number of cycle thresholds used to produce COVID-19 cases, and they failed to utilize medical standards to appropriately identify the cause of medical crises.

Labs and COVID-19 test firms took advantage of cash sources and committed fraud rather than follow scientific norms. Furthermore, U.S. hospital systems were rewarded financially for a positive COVID-19 test, pressuring medical authorities to identify COVID-19 as the cause of death when it was just “suspected or cannot be ruled out.”

The COVID-19 diagnosis became the final determinant and leading cause of death for people who died from other causes, such as medical error, heart attack, ventilator-associated pneumonia, influenza, prescription error, omission of treatment, stroke, or a variety of hospital-acquired infections, etc., by relying on test fraud.

This COVID-19 diagnosis was also used for persons who were either moderately ill or healthy, subjecting them to bogus “quarantine” orders and contact tracking, which illegally imprisoned and robbed people of their liberty while also shutting down whole businesses and enterprises.

After decreasing the cycle count for the inoculated, case numbers have dropped as expected, indicating that the vaccination is working. In the spring of 2021, the CDC ceased documenting “breakthrough cases” to make COVID-19 vanish even more among the vaccinated. These are premeditated deceptions.

The CDC claims that the unvaccinated are to blame for the ongoing epidemic, whereas the vaccinated are still becoming sick, needing hospitalization, and developing new health concerns such as heart inflammation, blood clots, and stroke. People who are adequately treated, on the other hand, will develop immunity that is 40 times more durable, allowing them to avoid hospitalization in the face of mutating strains.

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