An independent regulatory watchdog criticized a Democrat from Chicago for misinformation and wasting taxpayer money.

Chicago’s Office of the Inspector General has released a scathing report on Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s handling of a wrongful police raid.

Inspector General David Hoffman slammed the mayor and head of the police accountability office for making “unfounded” statements about Anjanette Young, who had no connection with the suspected crime.

Police had acted on a bad tip to the wrong property. They handcuffed Young before she could change clothes, forcing the social worker to stand naked in front of 12 male officers for at least 10 minutes.

Young successfully sued the Windy City for $2.9 million in damages. The decision came more than a year after Lightfoot allegedly asked for a court order to prevent WBBM-TV from showing police body cam videos of the incident. The local television station eventually obtained the footage from Young’s lawyer.

According to Fox News, “You have got the wrong house! I live alone!” the social worker can be heard saying,

Lightfoot initially claimed she did not know about the raid until it was widely reported in the media. However, she eventually conceded she was informed about the incident via email back in November 2019.

Hoffman described Lightfoot’s statements as lacking the “appropriate due diligence and fact-checking.”

“[The mayor gave an] incomplete and inaccurate depiction to the public and the media of the city’s prior discussions of the wrong raid,” the report said according to the broadcaster.

The inspector general was disappointed to learn several civil servants had failed to report the botched raid to the office of police responsibility promptly. He was also unimpressed by the city’s decision to prioritize public relations over the “higher mission of government.”

Lightfoot fired back that Hoffman should also share in the blame.

“OIG was and remains silent on its own role in handling Ms. Young’s case,” the mayor’s office said according to the Chicago Sun-Times. “The fact that the OIG has opined about the conduct of other departments but not itself undermines the legitimacy of the OIG and work on this matter and, we fear, other important OIG work.”

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