The groundbreaking peace agreement known as the Abraham Accords signed at the White House on Sept. 15, was called the “dawn of a new Middle East” by President Trump.

CNN chose to mostly ignore this magnificent achievement, choosing to report instead on the audience attending, in an effort to shame the president for hosting such an event during the pandemic, reports Fox News.

It’s a historical day toward peace in the Middle East and Africa with Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to recognize Israel under the new U.S. brokered deals—it also paves the way for further economic ties—as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and others pointed out.

President Trump said it is “an incredible day for the world,” at the beginning of the ceremony reported the Jerusalem Post.

Netanyahu said, “This treaty could end Arab-Israel conflict once and for all.”

“The blessings of peace that we make today will be enormous,” he continued, “first because this peace will eventually expand to include other Arab states, and ultimately, it can end the Arab-Israel conflict once and for all.”

“To all of Israel’s friends in the Middle East—those who are with us today and those who will join us tomorrow—I say, salaam aleichem, peace unto thee, Shalom,” he added, reported the Jerusalem Post.

CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin saw it differently and went all out to accuse the president of “denying the science” of the CCP Virus, citing the more than 6.5 million cases and 195,000 deaths in the United States.

Conservative American radio host Buck Sexton didn’t let the anti-Trump network off lightly, blasting their reaction that focused on the lack of “social distancing” instead of the peace deal. “Once again, CNN manages to be the worst news network but the best comedy channel,” Sexton wrote.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and the Democrats attacked the deal before it was even signed, “Good for him for having a distraction,” said Pelosi. When asked by a CNN reporter on Friday if she gave any credit to the president for brokering the peace deal, she referred to the increased number of CCP Virus cases and deaths in the United States on that day.

The Babylon Bee, a conservative satirical website also ridiculed CNN, running the headline, “CNN Criticizes Israel, Arab Leaders For Shaking Hands In The Middle Of A Pandemic.”

The worst diplomatic agreement was made during the Obama administration when Obama made a deal with Iran, as reported by The Washington Post.

President Trump campaigned heavily in 2016 to undo that deal, then after becoming elected successfully went after ISIS. Now, there are Middle East countries recognizing and accepting Israel, which is a major step toward peace in the region.

The cementing of the Israeli-Arab relationship may cause major headaches for Iran—it may end up diplomatically isolated. Iran views Israel as its No. 1 enemy and has the intention of dissolving the Jewish state.

Iran’s scathing criticism of the peace agreement could indicate it is facing a collapse of power and leverage in the Middle East.


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