On Wednesday, June 30, former President Donald Trump visited the U.S.–Mexico border for the first time since leaving the White House, where he was welcomed by a crowd of people and Texas Governor Greg Abbott. in public remarks, he accused Democrats of running a “disinformation campaign” around his border policies and acting with gross incompetence in handling the situation.

Trump visited the unfinished border wall following the suspension of the Biden administration. He questioned whether the current president and his administration really wanted open borders or are incapable of resolving the situation.

“I mean the real question is, do they really want open borders, or are they incompetent?” Trump asked after highlighting Biden’s failure to secure the southern border.

Former President Donald Trump visited Texas on Wednesday to tour parts of the U.S.-Mexico border, where Gov. Greg Abbott promised to build a state-funded border wall, picking up work started by President Trump during his presidency.

Trump’s visit comes as Republicans continue to press President Joe Biden’s administration for its policies implemented and messages sent regarding the immigration issue, arguing that they are at the root of an exponential increase in illegal crossings. 

In this context, Trump said Democrats are using the situation to misinform people and make political capital out of the situation.

“They’re getting killed at the border, so now they’re saying, ‘Oh, we have a problem, so let’s blame the sheriff, let’s blame the governors, let’s blame everybody else but them,” Trump said, describing Democrats as creators of a “disinformation campaign.”

Since starting his White House duties, Biden has issued dozens of executive orders and memos that set aside several Trump-era policies aimed at controlling the border while describing them as wasteful, ineffective, and unhumanitarian. 

The president also sent billions of dollars that were authorized for border wall construction to the Defense Department earlier this month.

Federal immigration officials apprehended more than 172,000 illegal border crossers at the southern border during May. The increase implies nearly 700 percent more apprehensions than the same period last year during the Trump administration when strict border controls were in place.

“Now it’s open and don’t be fooled, they’re coming from the Middle East and they’re coming in and they’re bad,” Trump said, referring to reports in April of people from the East and Africa being apprehended at the border.

“We did a great job. And we had it down to a science, to a point where people just wouldn’t come in unless they came in legally,” Trump continued.

He also asserted that if Biden had left the enforcement policies in place, there would be no border crisis.

“All they had to do was go to the beach, if they went to the beach and did nothing, they’d be fine,” Trump said.

Abbott, as governor of one of the states most affected by the situation, after not receiving the expected help from the federal government, announced earlier this month a state of emergency, which would provide a legal basis to arrest people regardless of federal immigration law. 

Also, in this context, Abbott announced the continuation of the construction of the border wall, which has a tremendous restrictive effect in the areas where it is already built. 

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